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In Topic: Red Sea "Rhinoceros" blenny

Today, 07:04 AM

I just returned from the Red Sea and included three days at Marsa Shagra to see if, four years later, I could still find this fish. I did and, looking a bit better, found about a dozen in the same area. On my first try I didn't find them and when I did I realized I had forgotten how small they are. You have to get close to the rocks and look for match-stick sized heads. What makes it easier is that they often breath very rapidly. Most only stick their head out of the worm hole and I did not see any of them come out to grab plankton particles. A Red Sea fish scientist is interested in describing this species and I may even be involved in the process, possibly including a field trip, which would be very exciting.


Front view

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Side view

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In Topic: YS-D1 Minor Flood

Yesterday, 03:06 PM

I flooded my YS110 last year using Powerex IMEDION 2400 mAh batteries. Underwater I noticed that the O-ring was pushed out of its groove, and dark gunk and an air bubble escaped. I did the vinegar trick and it worked for the remainder of the trip. This year the same strobe flooded 3 times in the same manner, with the O-ring bulging out, as if a high internal pressure was build up displacing the O-ring. Fortunately, the strobe could be resuscitated each time. Initially it happened to two sets of the same IMEDION batteries while dives with Energizer 2450 mAh batteries worked fine. I am very careful with O-rings, even more so after the first flooding, but I don't want to blame the batteries because later on one set of the Energizer batteries also failed.


I just found a video from Blue Water Photo (https://www.youtube....h?v=_uoiyydkSqo) that states that if a Sea&Sea strobe floods you need to replace the battery cap as it is no longer reliable for further use. So my repeated flooding this year may be due to that, although it is hard to see any change to the cap. I could get a replacement cap (they actually recommend to buy a spare cap in the video, suggesting that flooding is not a rare occasion) but by now the battery contacts are pretty disgusting so am planning to get a second strobe for the next trip. Maybe when the new YS-D2 starts selling next week I can get a good deal in a YS-D1 clearing sale.



In Topic: Living on/in a sea squirt

29 April 2015 - 05:21 PM

Spectacular, all three of them.

In Topic: Damselfish on reef crest

25 March 2015 - 04:11 PM

Hi Mark,


I don't have a firm answer but it reminds me of Stegasted obreptus (Western Gregory), which has similar shape, dark edges on scales, yellow edging on start of dorsal, and a blue edging on the ventral fins. It has a prominent black spot below the yellow edging of the dorsal and it does not have the pale coloration towards the back. It is found shallow, 2-10m, but I don't think it is found as far East as Fiji so perhaps yours is a closely related sister species.


I am looking forward to find out the answer.



In Topic: Geotagging and depth in pictures' EXIF data

18 March 2015 - 04:42 PM

I plan to do this for my next dive trip using the reefnet sensus ultra to log depth and temperature. It does not log a wall-clock time but once you synchronize it with the first image of a dive, which I take upon start of descent, then you can extract the depth for each subsequent image. There is no software for this as far as I know but I plan to write it myself. I haven't decided on whether to write it into exif or in a separate "annotation file" as I also plan to register the species names for all fish in the images and habitat information.