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In Topic: teleconverter for sigma15mm

03 May 2016 - 04:45 PM

A similar question was raised last year (http://wetpixel.com/...l=teleconverter) but did not get answers. I hope you fare better as my reply won't count as an answer. I just checked out the tread to find out why anyone would want to do this in the first place. It is much easier to make a 24mm lens than a 15mm lens, so why would you add the extra size, weight, glass, and expense of a TC, which also reduces light captured by the sensor, to fake a 24mm and not use the real thing? I also seem to recall that canon teleconverters came with the message that they were designed for use with long focal length lenses and not recommended for wide angle lenses, although that may not be a real concern.



In Topic: Are people leaving micro four thirds?

03 May 2016 - 04:35 PM

Full frame sensors not only need physically larger/heavier lenses. They also need longer actual focal length for the same FOV as a smaller sensor. In turn, minimum focus distance tends to increase with longer actual focal length. So m43 lenses tend to focus closer than their equivalent-FOV full frame lenses. In many cases that helps UW use by allowing you to get closer to your subject.



In Topic: Options to replace Oly 14-42 1st version - or do I keep?

03 May 2016 - 04:14 PM

If you already have the 60mm and its flat port then you only need the 12-50mm lens, not a new port. The flat port is not ideal at 12mm but not terrible either and you already have the true wide angle covered by your 8mm lens. The question is whether the improvement is big enough compared to the 12-42 to make it worth it. Best if you could borrow a 12-50mm for a few dives to see for yourself.



In Topic: Are people leaving micro four thirds?

28 April 2016 - 03:54 PM

I'm in the same situation as Tropoboro. What I think has changed is that the blitz of excitement from the release of first the EM-5 and then the EM-1 has died down, so there is less enthusiastic chatter but still a lot of happy users. I'm taking my EM-5 down to Egypt in May and unless the EM-1 Mk II has some major features of interest it may serve me for another 1 or 2 years. Both travel/size plus lens selection and cost keep the m43 system very attractive.



In Topic: Using Macro extension tubes with Olympus 60MM and nauticam housing

30 March 2016 - 03:52 PM

The extension tubes give you extra magnification by allowing you to get closer. But that will further reduce the precious space between the lens and subject. Loosing another 2 cm due to a port that is longer than necessary might be too much. If you can get your hands on the extension tubes you may want to experiment what the minimum focus distance ends up being before buying the tubes and port extender. Finding out the maximum focus distance could be of interest too as you'll be stuck with that for the entire dive.