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follow up on iTTL converter

10 March 2007 - 08:50 PM

As promised, I am reporting back on my use of the Sea & Sea iTTL converter II. I just returned from a Bali to Sarong, 1300 mile, 37 dive, and two week trip on the Kararo Voyager. My rig consisted of the Sea Cam D2X and two Inon 240’s. I shot both Macro and Wide angle ( 10.5 ). The Sea & Sea Converter II was used on all dives. I have 10 years experience with film ( about 5 with a housed camera, using TTL ) and another two years with digital shooting all manual.
In summary, the system preformed flawlessly in over 40 hours of underwater use, despite the fact that the converters yellow warning light was on @ all times. Absolutely no detectable corrosion or electrolysis occurred. The Sea Cam housing has a metal camera mounting plate, a 5 pin hotshoe connector, and twin metal strobe bulkheads. It also has two Zink anodes to prevent corrosion I changed batteries once on the converter, mid trip, just as a precaution. The exposures were dead on during Macro, despite highly varied subjects. I went from mostly white Nudies, Blue ring Octopus, Sea snake close ups and mating Mandarin fish at dusk with only minor “tuning” needed with the easy to use Compensation dial. I shot most macros @ 27 to 45 f stop and a 250 speed. Fish and snakes were mostly at f stops of 8 to 12 and a 125 speed. I always shot manual camera settings. The exposures were also surprisingly good for balanced lighting, forced prospective, wide angle. I kept the camera on manual and balanced speed and aperture, to control for the varied sun position. I left the flash on TTL for most shots. When I was not satisfied, as TTL does not work the best in all situations, it was very easy to switch to manual. Unfortunately, I have to report it still does not perform magic. I was hoping !!!
I can say that it greatly simplified my exposure worries, and let me concentrate more on composition and strobe placement. The converter was an excellent addition to my system and gave me one more option to use. Now I shot TTL as a standard and only switch to manual strobes when needed.

Sea and Sea iTTL converter

26 January 2007 - 05:28 PM

Help !! Just received Inon Z240 and I am lost on what srobe settings to use with Sea and Sea iTTL converter.
The enclosed directions are difficult for me to follow. I will be using SeaCam D2X housing and dual Z240. When connections made and strobes turned on, the focus light keeps activating any time the stobes are moved. Can that function be deactivated, so it only activates when I want it. Also unsure of:
1. Main switch settings?
2. EV cotrol switch settings ?
3. Advanced cancel circuit switch settings?

For both TTL and Manual?

Any help greatly appreciated.