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In Topic: Sony HDR-HC1 with Ikelite housing

18 December 2005 - 10:06 AM

I had the Ikelite with HC1 as my first setup for underwater video. I used the Inon type 2 wide angle lens. Most of my shots are not macro and I do see that the center of the is in focus but the edges are not. I used the large Ikelite red filter but it was not secure and lost the red plastic during a high current dive. The housing with the Inon is somewhat negatively bouyant and can be tiring to hold in current when you need to use one hand to swim against current. I had a backup double threaded red filter that was more secure. One has to unthread the lens in the ocean to get rid of the bubbles. Then when get to depth, do the manual white balance. This is cumbersome as you have to hold the housing sideways and find a white target while manipulating the joysticks. I wore a glove in my left hand only. That could be a problem in cold water environment. The white balance would need to be reset if you ascend to a different depth. Some of the pins were too long in my housing and would press on to the button at depth due to higher pressure outside. This prevented the use of the touch screen during the initial use and therefore no manual white balance. Luckily I was able to solve it.
Just some random thoughts. If I plan to dive frequently, I would get the A1 for easier manual white balance. I don't think my housing has that extra button for the A1 customized button but I don't know where it would be anyways since I don't have one. I have some awesome footage but will need to figure out who to transfer to the PC and how to convert before I can share.

In Topic: Sony HDR-HC1/HVR-A1 and housings

12 October 2005 - 02:12 AM

I have been gathering info about an housing for the Sony HDR HC1.

There appears to be some confusion as to whether auto white balance would suffice. Maybe someone else can enlighten us. I can confirm that the HC1 resets the white balance on power up. However the manual white balance seems to calibrate a little more accurately than the auto manual white balance on power up.

Therefore there still seems to be an advantage to find a housing with manual white balance control. The amphibico Evo HD claims to be able to do it with electronic control. It is not available yet. The miniDV USVH with extended controls has a manual white balance button but JohnnyQuest posted that he was unable to access white balance in a earlier post. I would be interested in hearing from him if he has the extended controls version. If so, what was the explanation from USVH?

The Silverfish unit does not have manual white balance. An email reply from HGVT said they cannot provide that function either. Bummer as the housing is cool looking.

There is little info on the Seacam housing. They emailed me and said I can set white balance by turning the comcorder off and then on again.

Does anyone have a housing that has manual white balance with the push of an electronic button ;) ? I would much prefer that over use of a pointing stick on the touch screen such as the Ocean Image model.
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