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Sony DSC Rx100 .... new model

29 June 2013 - 01:13 PM

I logged on tonight expecting to order a Sony DSC RX100  .... initially put off as housing were almost twice price of camera,  now that there are much more price friendly housing available.  (less than 30% of camera price)


I was surprised to see that Sony have released a new version of the camera  - DSC RX100 II

Tilting LCD, Hot shoe and new menus -  may not be of much use to divers, but  the backlit sensor is quoted as giving a full stop gain, and also a 40% increase in Low Light sensitivity, and greatly increased focus speed in Low Light .... now that is of interest.


Already rated very highly as the market leader in compact with it's 1" sensor ... this could now make it a very good choice for divers who don't want to go DSLR route.


Was enough to make me hold off for a couple of weeks for prices to settle.


Initial review at the ever useful DP review site



Replacement Camera - Oly XZ-2 (or maybe not .... RX100?)

18 November 2012 - 01:25 PM

Earlier in the year - I posted that I had sold my Fuji F31, and was looking for a new camera.
I had a number of pointers to the Olympus XZ-1, there were a few things I wanted it missed ... in particular lack of full HD video.
The new XZ-2 is now out ... what is the considered opinion on this as my replacement ?

Same lens (which was bright & well rated), slightly larger sensor increased ASA to 12,800
Increase to 12.8 mega pixel and full HD video.

However seeing a number of reviews that point instead to Sony RX100 as a consistent performer ......... I have never owned a Sony Camera ...

What would those that know suggest ?

I am a 'happy snapper', don't venture deeper than 40m .... I did try strobes & wide angle lenses and it was not for me ............

Probably used 50% of time outside scuba ... so a good all rounder needed.