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#341118 Subal ND800

Posted by Stan on 27 December 2013 - 03:26 AM

My first attempt at housing the lens on Nauticam was with the Macro 60 port, and a 30mm & 70mm extensions. My choices were made to allow future flexibility for also housing Nikkor 60mm & 105mm VR lenses. However, this combination was very slightly too short when the lens was fully extended (max zoom, closest focus), so it needed an additional 10mm extension. Unfortunately this combination produces substantial vignetting across all focal lengths.


My next attempt will reuse the old Nexus macro port configuration I have for this lens, and a Nauticam-Nexus M5 adapter. The advantage is that the macro port is much slimmer, and I already know it doesn't produce vignetting.



#317443 Shark finning in Manta, Ecuador.....spread the word to stop this slaughter

Posted by Stan on 29 September 2012 - 07:49 AM

I've been diving at Isla de la Plata for a local manta ray project (http://mantasecuador.org/) based in Puerto López a little way South of Manta, and we never see sharks on any of the dives. Apparently there used to be sightings of reef sharks frequently, but no longer. The smaller fishery in Puerto López also catches some sharks, but not in the same numbers caught in from Manta, and they're usually bringing in small hammerheads, and some threshers. What striking is how tiny all the sharks landed are, well below breeding age, which obviously rings alarm bells for sustainability.