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In Topic: Light & Motion Pro (OLED) vs Standard

23 June 2011 - 09:39 AM

I've had both. yes the OLED is much better. viewing angle is the main improvement. i was viewing from quite an oblique angle the other day and i could see perfectly. the advantage this gives comes into play countless times during filming that you get so used to it, if it were taken away you'd miss it. i have the canon bluefin for HFS10 and the manual dial operates exposure/focus/etc....

In Topic: conventional camcorder vs compact stills in video mode

23 November 2010 - 01:52 AM


i currently use a canon HFS10 in a light and motion bluefin. the quality is great both in the housing and images coming off the camera. i too have started to wonder whether to switch to something like a NEX5 or GF1. i've done quite a bit of research on the subject and Drew's comments are typical of my findings. I also have noted that the video bit rate coming off the NEX5 is 17mbps, whereas off a dedicated video camera [in this case the HFS10] it's up higher at 25mbps. Some sony models though are down at 16mbps, [although the latest sonys are higher now at 25].

can i tell the difference i ask myself? dont know, but at least with the canon i know i'm getting a higher bit rate. when i play back the film on my PS3 the bit rate is shown on screen varying between 22-25, so it's VBR - variable bit rate. one thing to also consider is the editing software you use. i use sony vegas but cannot render out mt2s format at 25mbps, only 16, so sony haven't done a codec yet in that format so i can't get the same quality out what i've put in if you see what i mean unless i render to mpeg 2 which is 25mbps.

i would like Drew to comment on whether he can tell a great difference between 17 and 25 mbps video bit rate!

what appeals to me about the NEX5 is the ability to take quality stills and relatively good video [although lower bit rate] in one small convenient package. i'm still undecided.