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For Sale: Ike DS125, Oly housings & ports, (410,520, C5050/PT-015)

Yesterday, 10:24 PM

A lot of old Oly gear for sale, not sure what to price it at so I went for eBay auctions. Starting price may be high, not sure what this stuff is worth anymore. if that's true, they'll be lower next time or PM me with an offer.
PT-015 housing for C5050
PT-E02 housing (E330 housing)
PT-E05 housing (E520 housing)
PPO-EO2 flat port for 14-54mm
PPO-E04 dome port for 8mm (or 7-14mm with extension)
Athena flat port for 50mm lens, with 67mm front thread
PER-E01 port extension
PER-E02 port extension
Oly bodies: E1, E330, E520, Pen E-PM1
Tetra flat port
Ikelite DS125
Ikelite EV Controller
Ikelite extension cord

Fix Neo video lights, any flooding issues? as sealed as a sola?

11 May 2015 - 06:26 PM

I'm looking for a video light, and really like the completely sealed Solas... but I rented a fix neo, and really like the display of run time remaining and the ability to change output by smaller increments when needed.


Has anyone had any flooding issues with them?


If I never, ever opened it, would it be as "factory sealed" as a sola? would there be any salt water trapped in the mating surfaces that would build corrosion or mineral deposits and cause trouble down the road?