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Sony DCR PC350 Question...

14 November 2005 - 10:47 AM

I use the above Sony in a USVH housing for underwater.

Since bracketing my stills consumes 3x the memory, I wanted to increase my storage cabability. I ordered the 1 Gig MemoryStick at a great price ...then when I looked through my Sony manual it said the MAX was 512Mb MemoryStick???


1) Can I still use the 1Gig and get full storage capability from it?
2) Will I harm my camera if I attempt to use the 1Gig?
3) Should I return the 1Gig for a 512Mb?
4) Was 512 Mb the largest made when the 350 manual was printed ...or what?

Thanks for any help!

Bill Robison

Light Adapter For Loc-Line...

29 October 2005 - 11:25 AM

I'm putting out a 'feeler' to see if any of you have experimented with fabricating various means for attaching 'things' to 3/4" flexible Loc-Line, e.g. lights, strobes, etc. I previuosly had a YS-60 strobe mounted to MM II EX via Loc-Line and it is adaptable, light and easy to travel with.

I recently purchased two Fantasea 44LED lights to mount on my vid housing to use for macro fill and to aid in autofocus in very low light situations. I have a few feet of Loc-Line so I hesitate to spend $70-80 for the 'ready made' arms offered by the company. Besides I asked the company to send me a couple of the top adapters (no order number) ...they said they don't sell them separately. I have attached a photo ...only need to make the top piece.

Problem: how to attach a light to the flex Loc-Line? The light has a single 'tab' attached which is drilled with a bolt hole. The Loc-Line is terminated in apprx. 3/4" hole. How can the two be jointed/secured with a SS bolt?

Appreciate any ideas!

Bill Robison

BTW I'm a new member but have visited many times in the past.[attachment=1302:attachment][attachment=1302:attachment]