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In Topic: Moyo Island Diving

10 March 2015 - 01:35 PM

This one was shot through the window of the tent :-)


16752930596_21f2011c1e_k.jpg1269650_10151685088407523_528957855_o by Mgungen, on Flickr

In Topic: Moyo Island Diving

10 March 2015 - 01:26 PM

6. Couple of more u/w images from Moyo

9685163619_3ae66c6a44_k.jpgDSC_6266 by Mgungen, on Flickr


9700815488_b13429420c_k.jpgDSC_6435 by Mgungen, on Flickr


9697928747_b44a88c06f_k.jpgDSC_6580 by Mgungen, on Flickr


9711780102_6b911fce96_k.jpgDSC_6658 by Mgungen, on Flickr


9823809716_5728d56d9e_k.jpgDSC_6849E1 by Mgungen, on Flickr


9948044183_b170f347f7_k.jpgDSC_5755 by Mgungen, on Flickr

In Topic: Moyo Island Diving

10 March 2015 - 01:21 PM

5. and some U/W Photos shot mostly at the house reef

9872156823_b02095c707_k.jpgDSC_6350 by Mgungen, on Flickr


9688377254_889fe55d90_k.jpgDSC_6376 by Mgungen, on Flickr


9711758770_9eddab403b_k.jpgDSC_6735 by Mgungen, on Flickr


9708514139_617e9b7ef7_k.jpgDSC_6754 by Mgungen, on Flickr


9701178898_30f8de7eda_k.jpgDSC_6562 by Mgungen, on Flickr


9676831487_d3c9378abb_k.jpgDSC_6154 by Mgungen, on Flickr

In Topic: Moyo Island Diving

10 March 2015 - 01:05 PM

As another planned vacation is approaching as usual i got prepared to post on this forum. Even though this website is a valuable information source for me i am not actively posting other than consulting regarding future vacation plans :-/  


Probably this is due to the fact that being a vacation "scuba diver- u/w photographer" i am having a busy life during my long surface intervals. 


Anyway, while i was being prepared to make a new post regarding my planned short vacation in May i just have seen this post from year 2013.


Following the valuable information i received in this forum i stayed in Moyo island and had perfect time.


I thought that even though a considerable time has passed since above messages were posted,  i could also provide some feedback for whomever a stay in this wonderful island might be interesting in the future.


The stay in the island was a perfect combination of staying in an untouched jungle with the comfort of an upscale resort.


As also mentioned in the above posts we were waken up by the sound of breaking waves and monkeys jumping on the roof of our tent  early in the morning.


Wild deers were frequent visitors of the resort. At night time we could hear the wild boars walking around our tents.


In low tide the dorsal fins of blacktip sharks patrolling infront of the resort were visible from our room.(tent)


Food, SPA and all other services in the resort were in upscale level.


Diving activities were organised privately.


We made majority of the dives in the house reef right in front of the resort.(when the below photos were shot)


The night diving and night snorkelling in the house reef were stunning.



1. Monkeys on top of our tent


9635600385_8c2a2aa932_k.jpgDSC_2864 by Mgungen, on Flickr



2. A baby together with mother right next to our tent

9638837156_c6df40c396_k.jpgDSC_2879 by Mgungen, on Flickr



3. Dusk at Moyo

9638828048_750dad4af8_k.jpgDSC_2932 by Mgungen, on Flickr


16489297037_4ccd38239d_k.jpgDusk at Moyo Island, Indonesia by Mgungen, on Flickr


16158567523_a59cd51e1b_k.jpg1270509_10151685088657523_2098678059_o by Mgungen, on Flickr


16778504895_8ff0ee4225_k.jpg1274637_10151685091882523_1436752749_o by Mgungen, on Flickr


4. Deers next to our tent

16777364881_8b2d2fa3e5_k.jpg1294267_10151665675462523_199370817_o by Mgungen, on Flickr


16777411342_1dad975e19_k.jpg921374_10151667520407523_1355977565_o by Mgungen, on Flickr

In Topic: Are you happy you changed from DX to FX?

02 March 2015 - 09:51 AM

I own different Meyer Gorlitz lenses (Trioplans 50, 100, Primoplan...) and I can say that it is best to get some documentation before buying as there are different mounts (M42, Exacta...) and, at least in the special case of the 100mm, yield different results. Things to take into account are: they are only "fun" wide open, lose infinite focus on Nikons (mount flange distance) and are not very macro by themselves...


One example:




Thanks for the info. With further investigation (as you also wrote) i understood that the flange to sensor distance in Nikons cause loose infinite focus when other brands lenses are used.  :-/ I like the bokeh when these lenses are used wide open. May be not very sharp even in focus. However they have a very specific effect. Differs from the bokeh of 100mm f/2.8 VR shot wide open for instance. In flickr there are many examples.