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In Topic: avchd software on pc

03 December 2007 - 04:02 PM


Have you used it?

I've used both with HDV, but not AVCHD. They have both been fast and stable. I currently use Vegas as my primary editor.

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum has been by far the most stable of the consumer priced editors I've tried.

They both have trial downloads that should let you verify if they work with your camera.

In Topic: avchd software on pc

30 November 2007 - 10:05 AM

i 've been searching and searching but i have not yet found which software i can use on my pc to edit AVCHD!

Any help anyone?

Sony Vegas Pro 8 and Vegas Movie Stutio Platinum both support AVCHD.

Sony Vegas products

In Topic: Sony A1U - A Year & 1/2 and still no housing....

22 March 2007 - 05:22 PM

You are the first person I've hear who got manual white balance to work with the A1 at depth. Has anyone else been able to do this? I can't get it to work past about 40' (clear water in Bali and the Red Sea).



I've had no problem with MWB down to 80 feet with the filter. This was in reasonably clear water. I haven't tried any deeper.

Admittedly, at that depth and with the filter, there was some noise from the gain.

In Topic: Scene Detection Prem Pro 2 - HDV capture

03 March 2007 - 06:34 AM

Hi All,

For my sins I am using Premiere Pro 2 for my HDV capture and editing. Scene detection is available on capturing DV but NOT with HDV. Needless to say this does not appear in their adverts, and only in very small print in the manual!

Obviously there is a work around with the razor tools, but it all takes much longer.

Does anyone know of a plug-in to resolve this problem? Do any of the other editing programs allow scene detection on capture for HDV.



I'm using HDV Split. (Free)

It can run the capture, or split files that have already been captured.


I believe the Cineform does scene detection, plus converts to a codec that is going to give much better editing performance. I have not used this myself, but I think others here have.