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In Topic: Full Frame SLR wide angle corrector port tests

03 February 2015 - 12:47 PM

For me this is an awesome development particularly for my pool work where I often tend to frame and crop pretty tightly.

In Topic: Full Frame SLR wide angle corrector port tests

26 January 2015 - 06:22 PM

This is really exciting stuff Alex. Great job. Can you spill the beans a little more about the exact construction of the lens, setup, optimum lens to port distances you have found etc. Is this essentially a flat port with a dioptre type lens element rather than a flat glass. Got thrown a bit when you discussed the lens threads; is there a component that screws to the lens as well?

In Topic: Gratuity charges, optional or mandatory in the US

24 March 2014 - 03:48 PM

kun; unless it's clearly stipulated as part of the fee, in other words stated as gratuity added, you don't have to tip if you don't want to. But it would be nice for the crew.

Even in Europe, restaurants frequently add a gratuity that's not optional.

In this situation it is optional so be glad for that. So just do whatever you want. Nobody needs to justify things either way, it's neither right nor wrong, it's just the way it's done here.

In Topic: Nikon 1 V3

18 March 2014 - 09:48 PM

I agree this camera is expensive; but it will be interesting to see how the IQ compares to m4/3 and even Nikons own DX line like the 7100. With the lens convertor which I have there is a wide range of Nikon lenses that may make this a pretty impressive action camera.  I have to wonder if anyone has tried the nikon 10.5 or even the Tokina 10-17 on this camera. How do the Nikon macro lenses perform on this camera? For me it's attractive to keep one camera system and have this camera simply add into my kit for use for travel diving. A lot will depend on the housing design as well. Allowing use of the convertor and standard Nikon lenses will help. I know this camera does not make sense for those already vested in m4/3, but it may make a lot of sense for those with existing Nikon kit.

In Topic: Epic Dragon DXO score

13 March 2014 - 04:32 PM


Holy smoke The Epic Dragon just scored DXOmark test score of 101. Higher than nikon d800E. That means for the first time a digital cinema camera is as good as one for digital stills. Sorry Adam I know how much you like your D800. LOL. :)




Here is a link for those who are nerdy like me.



excerp: " The highly configurable RED Epic Dragon is the latest version of the firm’s original Epic-M Digital Still and Motion Camera (DSMC). Although we are more used to analyzing still cameras at DxOMark, we’ve had a unique opportunity to assess RAW output from a prototype using all of our usual industry standard tests. As the results were extraordinary, we thought we would share the findings. Read on to find out how this high-performance sensor performs.


Overall score: Epic Dragon takes first place (101 points)


Dynamic range and color depth: First place in both categories (14.8Ev, 26.5 Bits)


Low Light ISO: 10th place (ISO 2745)


Nikon D800 vs Red Epic Dragon






In Depth Analysis




Impressive yes; one little drawback though - almost 20 x the price of a D800 for a functional system.