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In Topic: Website design software for a dummy?

18 February 2010 - 03:18 AM

I've been down this road so here's my 0.2 USD.

Front Page = :D
I started by using FrontPage which is the windows default web builder and while the software wasn't to bad I found the web hosting very poor and front page not well supported.

Dreamweaver = :D
This is one of the industry standards, but sorry to hard for me.

Yahoo = ;)
For a WEB SITE I now use and love Yahoo with thier own application "Sitebuilder" it's not that high tech but enough for me.
You can have your own domain, own emails, also embed blogs as well as a store (if so inclined).
I pay about 25USD per quater which I'm happy with.
Have a look at the results if you want :-

However another option is a blog, simpler that a "web site" with many of the same advantages.
I have acutally added in a blog to my site to add in "diary" type content from various projects and trips.
I'd recomend wordpress for this although blogspot is also very good and both offer free hosting.
Here is my blog :-

I know there are lots of "photographer" specific web hosts and software packages but none that seemed that flexible, or cheap (some even charge per image) but what ever you do go with a big player. My original host went bankrupt along with my .com domain which I've only just got back.

Any questions etc please shout.

Richard B.

In Topic: The drowned sailors

14 February 2010 - 08:50 PM

If you don't like the more normal copyright check out what Mr One Light, aka Zack Arias does

He sutbly hides his copyright in the picture, on the side of building etc.
In Gulf Photo Plus, above red traffic light.
In Black Rob, above guys right sholder.
In Running to stand still, on parking meter.

p.s. Keep up the stunning images.

Richard B.

In Topic: Image critism needed

05 January 2010 - 03:04 AM

The image would be more dynamic if the boundary between the kelp and the blue water ran on a diagonal, rather than straight up and down.

Maybe have a play in PP and crop it a bit and also put on the diagonal ?

Also the water background seems a bit to uniform have you tweaked it in PP, is so maybe a bit much IMHO.

As for 3.5 C your NUTS !
35C is more my level.

Richard B.

In Topic: Anyone been to Oman?

05 January 2010 - 02:54 AM

Mike, have I seen you on Rebreather World as well ?

For rebreathers (I dive an Evolution) you can use them but O2 and Lime is not availible by dive centers, doubtfull they will even know what a RB is. However if you are serious can probaly hook you up with contacts.

Even in Dubai RB's are not supported we bring in Lime by the pallet ourselves and boost our own O2 as well as all sorts of helium naughtness ;)

Richard B.

In Topic: Anyone been to Oman?

05 January 2010 - 02:44 AM

Haven't dived Oman but friends rated it as being fairly reasonable but not the same as diving the Red Sea. There might be some useful info here - Oman

Sorry may have been unclear.

I mean same sort of life as in the Red Sea, it is just a bit bigger (in my mind).

Richard B.