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VidSRL best settings

12 November 2010 - 02:18 AM

Hi all,

Until now, due to my simple video setup, I shot exclusively full auto. Now with the VidSRL revolution everyone is able to have full control on aperture, shutter and ISO.
Camera as 5DMKII, 7D, GH1 and also the inexpensive hacked GF1 permits shooting in manual mode.

I read endless discussions on which is the best shooting settings with VidSRL but most of the hints are for land shootings:

Someone suggest to set shutter priority at 1/60 or 1/50 (PAL land) and then leaving the camera adjusting the aperture. They say that with this shutter you avoid the artificial light flickering... On the opposite, seems that on some camera the shutter priority has the drawback that an automatic change of aperture during a panning is clearly visible (GH1/GF1)

Regarding the aperture priority mode I read that a shutter change affects the post processing (24p/25p timelines...) I'm a newbie on this. Could you explain it?

I understand that a full manual mode will be the best but could you report your experiences and suggestions on this settings expressly for undewater shoots?
Maybe we should differentiate macro shoots and wide angle shoots.

Thank you in advance