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#368536 Manipulating underwater subjects

Posted by diverdon on 22 December 2015 - 06:00 PM

The free swimming Octopus that I was able to get the picture of was a blue ring octopus. It was moving from one soft coral to another, with the blue rings turned on. There were no other divers nearby. On that dive there was only me and a bored DM, and the DM was 50 yards in front of me acting impatient, so really it was a solo dive. The Octopus was far enough in front of me that I'm sure I did not drive it.


On another occasion I saw a larger octopus of unknown species swim into a barrel sponge then swim off and hide in a hole. I saw a mimic acting like a sea snake. The preceeding were all in Puerto Galera/Sabang, Philippines. In Cayman brac on a night dive from the beach I saw a larger octpus of unknown species swimming from one place to another in what seemed to me to be a hunting pattren.