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27 August 2010 - 08:10 PM

I was wondering if changing optics from say Amphibico to Gates in a housing (supposing possible with a little modification to the housing) would affect the camera and image. I understand that every lens has its own characteristic and traits. Hence, possible barrel distortion with one and not the other. The reason why I am asking is I am exploring building a housing and buying the lens port separately. And was wondering if the distance between the camera and lens would be VERY critical. Or the camera will be able to compensate for sharpness as long as within a certain range of distance. If so, is that why lens port are not camera specific?

Also in the sticky thread on Close-up diopters, I realised that although there are talks on quality sharp lenses there are no mention of distortion. Why is this so? However, when looking through recommendation for SLR lenses there are always talk on aberration, barrel distortion etc. Are close up diopters not prone to distortion?

External HD Monitor Question

02 August 2010 - 06:03 PM


Is the resolution on a HD 4.3" monitor considerable compared with a normal resolution 4.3" monitor? With a HD camera focus is even more critical but with a small 4.3" screen is the resolution discernible for focus? Do you have problems achieving desired focus with your normal resolution 3.5" external monitor?