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In Topic: Nauticam NA 5D IV housing with 8.5 Dom positive buoyancy

Yesterday, 11:28 AM

I use the stick on wheel weights on the fisheye dome port on my Sea & Sea, as it floats dome up otherwise.  They work great.  Just cover the bottom shade ring with them.

In Topic: Nauticam CMC with Nikon 60mm Macro

12 March 2017 - 10:13 AM

The 60mm micro is a great all around macro/portrait lens, but it sucks for super macro.  Focus is so close and DOF so shallow at that level of magnification that it's virtually impossible to focus and even if you can, it's too close to light it.  Haven't used the macro converter but with either the SubSea 10 or a Flip, I haven't got a usable shot.  Almost everyone uses the 105mm.  I understand the 85 will work as well.

In Topic: Problem with Aquatica 4" minidome & Nauticam NA-D500

26 January 2017 - 12:20 PM

If you're using the 10-17 with the 1.4, I think the 1.4 is 19mm as I recall.  If you have a short extension for either Aquatica or Nauticam, probably the shortest available will be a good fit.  With my Bare port, which is about 4 3/4", it works without extension but the lens almost hits the port.

In Topic: Nikon D500 with Tokina 100mm Macro

10 November 2016 - 08:21 PM

Divervision sells Deeproof gear for S & S or F.I.T. Gear for Nexus, but I haven't found anything for Aquatica. Don't know what the difference in gear size is.  Might be a lens with similar focus size that can be adapted with minor adjustment.

In Topic: D7200 or .... Sony CyperShot RX100?

22 September 2016 - 11:30 AM

It's all about you.  You can take fantastic pictures with almost any camera, but some have better native capability in certain areas.  The RX is going to be smaller, lighter and more versatile as well as cheaper.  It will take nice pictures and terrific video.  If you want to shoot macro with it, you will have to add a wet macro lens.  Your wide angle won't be as wide as a D7200 with a fisheye.  You won't have as many choices in terms of specialty shots, such as sun bursts, over/unders.  Your F-stop range will be limited and your autofocus will be slower.  OTOH, you'll switch seamlessly between photo and video.  You'll be able to shoot standard and wide in a single dive.  You'll be able to pack all your photo gear in one carry-on bag.  Good luck.