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In Topic: Nauticam ttl converter for d500 housing

02 December 2017 - 09:45 AM

Still just OK on wide angle.  I'm not getting much boost even at +2.0 and am having to boost the exposure of my shots substantially in Lightroom.  Fortunately, the D500 is much less sensitive than my old D300 and doesn't grain up on boosted exposure.  It still isn't helping my foreground pop, though.  I may try boosting the ISO for my wide angle, as the D500 also does much better with that.  Bumping up to 400 or 800 may allow me to keep at least 7.1 or 8.0 on the aperture and keep some sharpness with my smaller dome, but I'd like to be able to get a boost from the flash without having to go full manual on it, as the YSD-1 tends to really flare in green water with even a bit too much flash.  I kind of miss my old YS-110's in that respect.  Not nearly as powerful, but a much softer and more controllable spread. RIP as they both died and Sea & Sea no longer supports their repair parts.  I'll try the old style cables, but I hate spending another couple of hundred bucks unnecessarily and then finding out it didn't help.

In Topic: Nauticam ttl converter for d500 housing

24 November 2017 - 03:17 PM

Thanks Pavel.  After resetting strobes and playing with shutter/aperture and +/- settings indoors, the camera is now shooting consistently from f4-1/60 to f16-1/200, with only expected fall off at the edges of the picture on higher shutter speeds/f-stops.  Also, the strobe +/- adjustment now works and the camera +/- gives consistent results. 

I had been using the red but previously had a bad camera setting and the experts I took it to, though finding the camera issue, switched to the blue mode when I continued to have a problem.  I'll try it underwater tomorrow and see if everything works properly there.

In Topic: Nauticam ttl converter for d500 housing

24 November 2017 - 09:11 AM


I tried D500 in Nauticam housing with that TTL circuit and YS-D1 strobes. TTL accuracy was normal. No any correction was needed shooting at "0 EV". The same good result i had in land tests.

I think, you have something wrong in your setup. Evaluate carefully each component of your system to find what is wrong. 

Specify the details:

1) Do you use fiber cable exactly #26212 or any other product number? Do you have one more same cable to change it for test?

Nauticam 26216 was the one sold to me and recommended.

2) Do you use ENELOOP batteries in the strobe? 


3) Check, if you strobe is in "DS-TTL II" mode. 

Blue lights are on

4) Check TTL-Converter onboard switches for YS-D1: OFF, OFF.


5) Check your camera settings to be sure that you shoot inside the working range of TTL flash.

ISO 100, 1/60, f7.1  couldn't light my kitchen with two YSD-1's on ttl, even with +2.0 setting.


Yes, TTL board also may be defected, why no. Then you need to change it. But first of all check all other components in your system and settings, the wrong setup happens more often.


Use one strobe to clear the land test. I recommend the following camera settings: max sync speed (by menu) - 1/200 (without "Auto FP" !!!), ISO 200, Shutter speed 1/200, Aperture F11....F16 for WA shooting at distance about 1.5-2m and F16...F22 for Macro at distance 0.4...0.5m.  Such parameters point situation to the middle of YS-D1 TTL flash range, easy to make tests.


In Topic: Nauticam ttl converter for d500 housing

21 November 2017 - 07:45 AM

I too have found the ttl consistently underexposes.  I've currently got my camera set at +2 EV and I never get a full dump on WA shots.  Macro is pretty good, but still usually underexposed.  I've got my camera set for subject + background.  I've tried my YSD-1's at the 0 setting, as well as bumping them on the plus side all the way to max.

Last dive I was WA and tried the left strobe on ttl and the right on manual.  I was able to get overexposed to the point of extreme flare on the right side, demonstrating every little flaw in my port, but the ttl side is consistently under exposed.

Even in my kitchen, doing my night before precheck, I was unable to get adequate light on ttl.  It was no problem with the same camera settings and the strobes set manual.  I'm very frustrated.  The blue lights on the strobe are on, indicating ttl function, BTW.

In Topic: D750 vs. D500... decisions decisions

10 November 2017 - 08:26 AM

D500 will let you keep your lenses.  I'm not much at video, only done one, but found it easy to operate and got pretty good results for first try.  Live view for video on the D500 doesn't give the best idea of focus, especially if screen is partially obscured by leveling marker.  I shot at ISO 2500 and you could hardly tell.  In brighter water at ISO 100, it should be very nice.  D500 offers tons of focus choices and great autofocus.  Almost too many choices. This has been one of my biggest challenges, as the menu is huge.  I've experimented with various focus modes and it's hard to go wrong once you get the basic settings where you want them.