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D7200 is here. Different enough?

04 March 2015 - 06:55 AM



Same sensor, new processor, 6 frames per second, built in WiFi, way better low light, new video features, more presets and white balance choices, built in time lapse.   Same dimensions, maybe it will fit in the D7100 housing?  $1199 body only.  Or should you jump on left over D7100's and get one with 2 lenses for the same price?

Sigma EX 17-35 F2.8-4.0 for full frame?

05 December 2014 - 08:18 PM

These lenses are cheap and plentiful and have a fairly close focus.  Anyone tried it?  I haven't seen any zoom gears, so I assume there's a problem?

Flooded SB-104 Battery compartment

19 November 2014 - 08:45 PM

Also posted in strobe section.  I neglected to change my o-ring and flooded the battery compartment.  Flood signal stays on, strobe won't flash.  Any hope?

Flooded SB-104 Battery compartment

19 November 2014 - 08:37 PM

I flooded the battery compartment on my SB-104 and am getting the flood signal and no flash.  Any hope for reasonable repair?  I flushed it with clean water and dried it with rice, but no luck so far.  Had a new set of o-rings and stupidly put off changing them.

Why you should buy a Light & Motion light

06 August 2014 - 01:44 PM

My wife bought me a Sola 600 Photo for Xmas in December 2010. It worked great for 3 years, but recently had some issues. When the charge lights wouldn't come on, I went online and read the very helpful L & M instructions for getting the light out of travel mode. When that didn't work, I called and a very nice CSR walked me through opening the light and unplugging and replugging the battery to reset the light. That worked and everything was cool for another few months. Eventually the charge signal started flashing red sequentially at high speed and the light wouldn't go on. I called up, exhausted all the remedies and then was told that since it was well out of warranty, I could send it in and they'd fix it for about $85.
I got the light back, charged it and tested it. It worked great. Last week I took it diving and oops, it flooded. I called up L & M and Jon said, "no problem, send it in and we'll take care of it of course." I returned the light to L & M with a request to please hurry, as I'm competing in the Monterey Shoot-Out this weekend and then Monday we're leaving for 10 days of diving in Alaska. One day later, I got a call from Jon, who said "We don't make the repair part for your old 600 anymore, so we're giving you a new one. I stopped in there and he handed me a nice brand new Sola 800. No Charge.
In my 61 years on this planet, I have never had better customer service. Ever.