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In Topic: 3D Printed knob for Inon Z240

07 January 2016 - 02:57 PM



thanks for pointing me to 3dhubs - it is just the service I was looking for. Today I received my Inon knobs made of glow-i-the dark filament; they fit perfect.


Just a hint: When ordering these knobs it may be a good idea to ask for 100% fill (=solid). Seems that a standard fill is only 20%, so there might be the possibility that the knobs will crack or lose shape or whatever deep down. I was charged less than 20 cent extra per knobs.



In Topic: OMD and second curtain flash

03 January 2016 - 02:06 AM

Hi Mark,


understanding magnet in / out: Maybe this helps (another user confirmed the result for the S2000



I do not quite understand your settings; you are talking about a "pre-flash". If you use manual strobe mode on the Inon, the camera flash should be set to manual with 1/64th power, and there will be no pre-flash.

In Topic: 3D Printed knob for Inon Z240

28 December 2015 - 10:02 AM

If I google for "knob inon z 240" I find knobs from a Dutch dive shop that glow in the dark. Does anyone know from what material they are made? Is it available for 3D printing (the above mentioned knobs look like self-made)?


In Topic: Need lens cap - Nauticam 87 macro port

27 December 2015 - 07:53 AM


is it 87mm or 67mm (Alex' link leads to a 67mm cap)? For 67mm you find lens caps for a dollar or two on ebay. Buy 10-20 of them for the price of the Nauticam cap and you have some spare ones! 87mm is not so common and may be harder to find.

In Topic: Sea & Sea / Inon reliability - opinions

16 November 2015 - 10:16 PM


Others, including me, have experienced a twisting...

The strobe cap from Sea&Sea has a better design, it is almost impossible to lock it if the o-ring is twisted. But you cannot see the ring.
Inon has a transparent cap, the o-ring is yellow, so you can see a twisted o-ring - if you bother to have a look.
Both systems work. So this would not be a point to consider for me when buying a strobe.

The Inon has been on the market for a long time and proven its reliability, the DS2 is new. Is it sturdy? Probably. From the pictures of the DS2 I can see in the web it seems to be easy to operate, Inon is a bit more complicated in the beginning, and the strobe does not come with a useful manual. You have to do some web research to find your way, but once that is done no problem.

Steve, maybe you should throw a coin?