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Inon knob 3d printing - please help modifying

15 October 2016 - 09:03 AM

A while ago I downloaded an .stl file from Thingiverse for an Inon strobe knob. I had the knob printed and used it for a few dives in cold water with thick gloves. 


It was absolutely no problem to operate the strobe knobs with this add-on, BUT: The knobs had a tight fitting in the beginning, after 10-15 dives they lost friction, and I lost two of them. Next time I will use some silicone (I am a dentist and have access to low viscosity silicone...) to give them a better friction.


And there is something else that - IMHO - could be improved: As you can see in the attached picture, the "arrowhead" of the knob is quite small. I wish it was bigger, like in the "Photoshopped" version on the right side of the pic (with a quick glimpse you could see more easily to what position the knobs are set). The file is no longer available on Thingiverse, and I cannot find any contact infos for the uploader, Grega Verč, to ask him for a modification.


I have absolutely zero experience with 3D modelling or how to modify the .stl-file, Is someone here whom I might bother to ask to do this for me - and others, of course? I attach the .stl-file; hope it is not against any netiquette and there is no copyright trouble (as far as I remember, the file was offered under a CC license, and I used it just for me, strictly non-commercial)? 


To flatten the top of the knob or not is just personal taste.



Photoshop CC MAC OSX 10.10: Cursor/Tool-Tip Size Problem

31 October 2015 - 12:57 AM

Hi to the Mac experts,


I am relatively new in the Mac Universe; I bought a Retina iMac this spring. Due to the high resolution I increased the size of the mouse corsor for better visibility. When I use Photoshop, all tool tips seem to be linked to this increased size. (There was no such link under my Windows PC.)


My problem: There is a mismatch between the (increased) tool tips and the screen action! If, for example, I use the eraser in block mode, the area that is erased is much smaller than the square block that is displayed on the screen. Same with other tools. Makes fine-tuning almost impossible.


Is there any solution for correcting this (other than changing the system cursor size every time I start and close Photoshop)? Does the same problem exist under El Capitan? (Cannot upgrade yet because a program I need to use still crashes with 10.11, as the software developer warns.)


Regards, Jock