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Bali / Tulamben July 14 with Oly EM5

10 September 2014 - 09:14 AM

Hi folks,


I have uploaded some pics from my trip to the Tulamben area: 




All pictures were taken with an Olympus OMD-EM5 in a Nauticam housing with two Inon Z240 strobes.My lenses: Oly 60mm Macro, 12-50mm kit lens, 7-14mm Panasonic. Subsee +10 adapter.


Most of the pics are macro shots. I visited the Liberty wreck only twice, with decent visibility the first and bad visibility the second time (and way too many divers). Since my wife cannot dive any longer due to a severe eye disease, I do not have a model for WA any more, and without a model I feel WA shots look somewhat boring. So I stayed at the muck sites!


We stayed at the "Villa Markisa" (which is right next to the probably better known Scuba Seraya). If you are looking for a small resort with "style" and comfort in this area  - go there. 




Help needed: What is the thread size of this Ikelite strobe adapter

18 July 2014 - 09:56 AM


The adapter on the attached pic is for using an Ikelite strobe with ULCS and similar strobe arms. I want to use it in a DIY project and need a screw nut for it.

All I know is that the thread is definitively not metric... Could someone please help and provide the specifications (like UNC 1/2")? Thanks!


Adobe Lightroom for iPad released (more platforms to follow)

08 April 2014 - 03:16 AM

Today Adobe released the long-awaited app.

BUT: Seems it is not sold separately, but only as part of Adobe Cloud with a subscription and monthly fee.

For me, as an amateur photographer who uses the iPad during dive trips for saving files, that means: Forget it!


OM-D EM 5 and the Inon Z-240 (Type4)

01 December 2013 - 03:39 PM

In another thread there was/is some discussion about the settings of the Inon strobe in combination with the Oly. I am opening a new thread, because if someone else is doing a search on this topic it might be easier to find. Hope this is okay.


There were different opinions on how the ACC-button should be set - in, out, or does not matter..


So I made some test shots, one single Inon Z-240 Type4 connected via fiber optic cable to a Nauticam housing.

Here are the results: 


When shooting the strobe in S-TTL (and the camera in flash fill), it does not matter if the button is in or out.


When shooting the strobe in M (and the camera in 1/64 strobe power), the button must be pushed in to influence the strobe output. 


When shooting the strobe in M (and the camera in 1/64 strobe power) and having the button OUT, it seems that the strobe always fires at the lowest possible manual power; when shooting at f/22 or at f/8 there is NO visible difference between manual power EV2 or EV8.


Any comments, do I oversee something?