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Help needed: What is the thread size of this Ikelite strobe adapter

18 July 2014 - 09:56 AM


The adapter on the attached pic is for using an Ikelite strobe with ULCS and similar strobe arms. I want to use it in a DIY project and need a screw nut for it.

All I know is that the thread is definitively not metric... Could someone please help and provide the specifications (like UNC 1/2")? Thanks!


Adobe Lightroom for iPad released (more platforms to follow)

08 April 2014 - 03:16 AM

Today Adobe released the long-awaited app.

BUT: Seems it is not sold separately, but only as part of Adobe Cloud with a subscription and monthly fee.

For me, as an amateur photographer who uses the iPad during dive trips for saving files, that means: Forget it!


OM-D EM 5 and the Inon Z-240 (Type4)

01 December 2013 - 03:39 PM

In another thread there was/is some discussion about the settings of the Inon strobe in combination with the Oly. I am opening a new thread, because if someone else is doing a search on this topic it might be easier to find. Hope this is okay.


There were different opinions on how the ACC-button should be set - in, out, or does not matter..


So I made some test shots, one single Inon Z-240 Type4 connected via fiber optic cable to a Nauticam housing.

Here are the results: 


When shooting the strobe in S-TTL (and the camera in flash fill), it does not matter if the button is in or out.


When shooting the strobe in M (and the camera in 1/64 strobe power), the button must be pushed in to influence the strobe output. 


When shooting the strobe in M (and the camera in 1/64 strobe power) and having the button OUT, it seems that the strobe always fires at the lowest possible manual power; when shooting at f/22 or at f/8 there is NO visible difference between manual power EV2 or EV8.


Any comments, do I oversee something?