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In Topic: New equipment dilemna

18 December 2005 - 10:23 AM

That's a hard call without a bit more information. What sort of experience do you have with photography? I know that my wife has a great deal more flexibility on land with her D100 than I do with my Nikon 5400. However, I have found through some experimentation that my 5400 takes some great shots inside the housing in the TIFF format with the Ikelite DS-125.

A little background:

I was using a sealife setup last year. I was relatively happy with it, but I found the strobes not very flexible and the camera not great for anything but slideshows on the computer. I already had the coolpix 5400 and have been very happy with it. Given that my wife is a PRO above water photog, I have some insights into what to and not to do with the camera and if I ever get something worth printing, I will have her do in on her pro printers - so, in that respect I am set.

I just spent 1300+ on the ikelite housing and strobe for the 5400. Of course, the strobe will be useful for the future no matter the camera. I have a feeling that when she upgrades to the D200, I will inherit the D100 and eventually get a housing for it.

I know there are less expensive setups out there, but in my limited experience, I feel the Ikelite strobe is superior to anything I have attempted thus far.

Best of luck and please let us know what you end up with....

In Topic: Are They Pro quality image wise???

17 December 2005 - 10:29 AM

As I thought - I will definitely have to ensure I get a larger card(s) and take those 14MB pics ;)

In Topic: Are They Pro quality image wise???

17 December 2005 - 09:43 AM

I have found this thread extremely helpful and informative. As a (very) novice photgrapher with a wife who is a pro, I am learning more and more about shooting. I recently upgraded from a Sealife setup (I know, the typical cheap entry for those who know nothing) this was a GREAT learning system for me and I was able to upgrade from the original film version and continue to move up as they increased to digital and then add a second strobe. I did not get their new 5mp camera as I felt the strobes left a lot to be desired and the ability to manipulate exposure and such as poor at best.

I just (yesterday) received my Ikelite housing for my Nikon coolpix 5400. For me, this is a perfect step up as I did not have to purchase a new camera, just the housing and DS-125 strobe. I find this setup to be an excellent learning system with the ability to push files to my wife if I find I may want to print one or two.

A couple of questions for those old pros out here:

1. The write-lag on the RAW format for the 5400 is extreme - I am wondering what sort of quality loss I will have if I take largest size .jpgs instead. (Yes, my wife told me I am crazy as she never works from compressed files when printing) She cannot answer this question as she hasn't tried it. So, it would be an experiment to try.

2. Once I become comfortable with this type of setup, I have a feeling that I will want to begin working with an SLR. The Mrs has a D100 and is salivating for the D200 so I would not even have to buy a new one. Any thoughts on the (other than obvious as already posted here) major advantages of going that route, versus a high-quality p/s with faster recovery in the RAW format?

Thanks in advance if my questions seem rediculous - I am learning - always learning.....