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In Topic: Nikon D500 DX camera first impressions underwater.

02 June 2016 - 12:20 AM

Hi Adam, sorry but i nerver publish fullres images on the web on unique wrecks. Unfortunately and luckily I have only dived that kind of sites since I got the camera. If I get the chance of diving an public site I can publish a fullres but I don't think that will happen before you get the hold of a housing...

When it comes to pixel peeping quality of the D500 I am not sure wether it's better or not than the D810 but I know I like it.

Kind regards // Alex

In Topic: Nikon D500 DX camera first impressions underwater.

29 May 2016 - 12:11 PM

I have posted two more images from the D500 on FB now. Both images ISO 1600.




 kind regards // Alex

In Topic: Nikon D500 DX camera first impressions underwater.

17 May 2016 - 12:10 PM

Hi Alex,
are all the underwater shots with the D500? Or sme with the D810?
Could you maybe add a list with the Iso used?
Very nice Pics!!!


Thank you Wolfgang! 

yes all shots where taken with the D500 that I posted from my recent trip. The iso on the prop is 1600 & and the other two images iso 3200. 


 kind regards // Alex

In Topic: Nikon D500 DX camera first impressions underwater.

15 May 2016 - 12:24 AM

Hi Alex,


Thanks for sharing this. I think the D500 is a very exciting camera!


In terms on your results, they bear out the simple dictum that the bigger the port, the better the corners. It is also important to note however that if the lens's nodal point is not correctly located within the dome (due to extensions/dome/housing design) it will affect the image quality. 


Saying that, with cropped sensor camera, it's inherent depth of field is so much greater than that of your D810 that you can get away with smaller domes. 


Thanks again




the Nikon D500 handled great during my dives last weekend and the only function I was missing was the ISO button. Regarding AF it was better than D810 but not as much as I was expecting after reading online.


A big mistake on my first dive was that I forgot to change the ISO and the whole dive was shot at ISO 100 i pitch black water and pushing the D500 3-4 steps in green waters does not make the file look good. But like I said it was a huge misstake by me. I am a fairly new rebreather diver so my focus was more on my JJ machine...


The following 6 dives I remembered to preset the ISO to what I wanted 640-3200 range. Some dives I even tried to shoot wide open with absolutely decent results regarding corner sharpness compared to what you can get with the same port and a Nikon D810. That made me happy and I think this camera will do great for my usage. 


It's yet to early to tell if the D500 can replace my D810 for low light shooting but it looks promising especially regarding corner detail. 


I hope to get my Sea&Sea housing soon so I can do more accurate testing side by side against the Nikon D810. 


I posted one image here:




 kind regards // Alex