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Nikon D810 in D800 housings: Compatibility check

16 July 2014 - 01:54 AM

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picked up my Nikon D810 yesterday and was of course curios whether it would fit in my Sea&Sea MDX-D800 that I use with my Nikon D800E.

At first it looked very bad because I could not get any functions to work... Then I realized that this kind of modern camera needs a battery :)

After installing the battery things looked a lot brighter!


First the good things:

The camera works fine for photography the way I use it. That means aperture, shutter, ISO, AF-on and AF can be changed between AF and manual. 

Bonuses is that I can use the menu, wb, +/-, info, delete, metering mode, quality, flash setting, zoom in and out...


The things that don't work at first try:

can't start the live view, can't start recording movie, can't turn camera on and off, can't pop internal flash, can't switch between singel CL & CH...


Over all I am happy for now, I can most likely fix the last few things if I need it, but the reson I got the Nikon D810 is to use it as a land camera and keep the Nikon D800E in the housing. So no more in and out of cameras when the action gets intense like on last years sardine run in South Africa. 


I will take the camera for a test run in the Balearics in the next few weeks. 



 Kind regards // Alex