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Nikon D500 DX camera first impressions underwater.

03 May 2016 - 11:58 PM


I have done the first tests underwater with the new Nikon D500 DX camera but mainly to get it to work inside my Sea&Sea D810 housing.

So far I can use Aperture, Shutter, AF-On, on/off and take pictures.

I had the menu button, multi selector (only up)  and ok button working to but was pretty useless as you need multi selector (right) to work to make settings. 


The second reson for my test was to figure out what port combo that would work best with the Nikon 10,5mm @ f4 

I tested the following domes and best one starting from the top and worst one at the bottom:


Sea & Sea fisheye port 

230mm Zen dome 

Sea & Sea optical port with 20mm extension ring (a little vignetting).

Sea & Sea optical port


I will do real dark water shooting during the next 4 days and I will keep you posted on how the new D500 handles in those conditions.

So far what I have seen in the pool is that the DX D500 will give me a ton of better corner sharpness compared to my FX D810 witch was expected. 


 kind regards // Alex