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firing optical and analog strobe at once trough cords?

30 April 2013 - 10:20 AM


I have a Sea & Sea MDX-D800 housing that is equipped with one bulkhead for analog strobe and two optical ports for optical strobes.

What I ned is to fire the two optical strobes and the analog strobe at the same time. The analog strobe wont be able to remote trigger due to distance from my optical strobes. 

Is there any way to over ride the cameras electronics and fire the analog strobe trough the hot shoe (bulkhead) when the internal flash is popped? 


On my old MDX-D3 housing there were two analog bulkheads linked together so that I could use 2 close range strobes and 1 long range strobe

and I was happy with that result. But the new housing that I want to use does not support dual analog by default...? 


I talked to Backscatter regarding this problem and they had no solution at the moment.



kind regards // Alex