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In Topic: First trip with Fuji F810/Ikelite

22 September 2005 - 04:51 AM

- Overall it worked quite well, and the photos came out about as expected. Most aren't very good, many (most?) are slightly out-of-focus, but I at least documented my dives. Some technical limitations obviously (particularly slow RAW and poor battery life -- which have a fairly direct relationship to shot quality.

Many photographic limitations on my part. I'm very happy with both the camera and the housing.

Having used this camera for over a year now I have to disagree with your first statement.
The only technical limitations addressable to this camera (as is) are those associated with the button pusher (that's not a personal attack - you're doing great).
The important thing about this camera (dispite misconceptions around battery life and over emphasis on slow RAW writing times on the 1 Gb Xd card) is the quality of the imager... It's as good or better as anything out there. Yes, certain limitations are reflected in the cost as to post processing or handling image noise onboard that you'd expect in a DSLR, but this can be handled successfully in post processing - Taking time, but not too much!
Regarding battery life - I shoot with the 1 Gb cards, my dives average 100 minutes, rare if the battery fails even in a Lembeh environment.

I consider it to be an F16 among cameras - Technically inferior to a 119, but will still outfly the pilot...

I whole heartedly recommend you get a strobe soon, you'll never look back :)

Posted Image

Full frame using Inon macro's via the optional AD adapter available from Ike Brigham

More Here Wet Bit

In Topic: F810 & Ikelite Housing. Is a good Choice?

10 July 2005 - 05:46 AM

Hey Arnon,

Nice to hear from you - Hope you and yours are well :)

To answer your question: I was using one and two (stacked) Inon AD165 macro lenses for the close-ups.

Strobes: Either a single Ikelite DS50 or the usual twin Z220's.

I adapted the housing with a 'Pizza pretector' diffuser to make life easier for clipping on the FO connector.

"This type of setup is not the most reliable and can cause backscatter..."

:D :D :D

In Topic: F810 & Ikelite Housing. Is a good Choice?

05 July 2005 - 05:55 PM

I've been using this camera for almost a year now - Pioneering it so to speak - It rocks.

The results are pretty damn good from this amazing little beast.

Initially condensation problems destroyed a camera in the Fuji housing (They replaced and then some), but in conjunction with Ikelite I tested and proved the 810 housing in Lembeh last April & May. Much better, and no worries or losses.

Quick facts: Battery will last over 110 flashed RAW sessions (inc deletes) -
Covers the 78 RAW files and then some (1 Gb).
Can be used with Ikelite or Inon strobes for exceptional results.
No noticeable shutter lag
Great focus
Sharp Screen
Superb chip dynamics
Images comparable to most DSLR's

150 shots Here