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In Topic: Raja Ampat - Anti-malarials?

24 September 2012 - 01:44 PM

I've been to Raja Ampat four times and never saw a mosquito - then again, I didn't do any of the shore excursions that may have been offered. The boats are far enough offshore to not worry too much about mosquitoes.

But then again, I always take anti-malarials and my drug of choice over the years is doxycycline, 100 mgs per day. You have to take it beginning a couple days right before the trip and then for 28 days after you return, but there aren't any side effects. Some people get sun sensitivity but I've never had that happen and I actually get pretty tan in Indo.

I also take Malarone with me in case I develop malaria, and the dosage for treatment is four tabs once a day for three days. This is the treatment dosage, not the prophylactic dosage.

I'd rather take the Doxycyline since I know I tolerate it well and there are no real side effects as long as you don't take it longer than four months, which is why it's not an option for people that live in a malarial area.