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Raja Ampat and Misool March 2018 on Blue Manta 15% off

26 March 2017 - 03:40 AM

I have had two cancellations for my Blue Manta liveaboard trip to Raja Ampat and Misool. The trip cost excluding park fees and flights is usually $4000. I can now sell these two places for $3400 per person excluding flights and park fees. The boat leaves from Sorong on the 7th March 2018 and returns on the 15th March. Transfers to and from the airport are provided.


The usual price for this trip is $4000.00 Plus park fees, flights and gratuities

Trip details;

· Destination; Raja Ampat & Misool, Indonesia
· Duration & Dives; 9D8N & 26 dives
· Start/Finish; Sorong (SOQ) West Papua

Departure; 5pm, 1st Day, Sorong, West Papua. Or earlier if everyone arrives before and all Trip Preparations have been completed. Free transfer from Sorong Airport or local hotel to liveaboard on Trip Departure day.
Return; 6am, Last Day, Sorong, West Papua. After we give you a breakfast and after farewells take you to the Airport (SOQ) in time for Check-in & flight or local hotel.
Last dive ends; 12pm (midday), Penultimate Day. Plenty of time for R&R while we sail back to Sorong where we spend last night onboard.

Brief Itinerary (schedules are subjected to changes according to weather and sea condition)

Day 1. (0‐1 dives) 5pm; arrival from Jakarta, Ujungpandang, or Manado to Sorong. Our staff will meet you at Sorong Airport and take you to the awaiting Blue Manta. Depending on arrival time we can do check dive.

Day 2. (4 dives) Nudi Rock, Tank Rock, Whale Rock, & night dive

Day 3. (3 dives) Misool; Boo Corner, The Window, Magic Mountain, sail overnight North

Day 4. (4 dives) Yanggefo Island; Mayhem Ridge, Citrus ridge, Deep rock, & night dive

Day 5. (4 dives) Mansuar Corner, Manta Sandy, Cape Kri, & night dive

Day 6. (4 dives) Blue Magic, Sardine reef, Manta Spa, & night dive

Day 7. (4 dives) Friwinbonda, Mike Point, Mioskon

Day 8. (2 dives) Blue Magic, Mioskon. Manta Cleaning stations and shallow reef to finish. Sail back

to Sorong Port. Plenty of time to wash & dry equipment, have lunch, and rest & relaxation.

Day 9. (0 dives) 6am‐12pm. Check out after breakfast, farewells, and transfer to airport. Departure

from Sorong to Manado or Jakarta or Denpasar.

Diving days: 7 days (26 dives)

Please email me at samui13@aol.com with Raja2018 as subject heading for details regarding paying a deposit and securing your place or if you would like any additional information

10 day Bahamas trip - Dolphin Dream Feb 2017

02 November 2016 - 01:08 AM

A single place may be opening up on my 3rd Dolphin Dream charter. We will be heading to Bimini ( Great Hammerhead & Bull Shark ) and then heading to Tiger Beach ( Tigers, Lemons, Caribbean Reef and Nurse Shark )

The trip starts on February 18th leaving from West Palm Beach and returns back to WPB on 27th February. I will know by mid November whether this single spot has become available due to a cancellation.

The price of the trip is $3200 excluding tips

For further information and to get on the waiting list please reply to this post

Moving of critters for competition entries

16 April 2016 - 03:43 AM

Ok so here's the deal. Various people have been constructive in promoting the awareness of critters being manipulated into better photographic positions to acquire a more dynamic image. For sure these images look very nice and to the lay person that does not enter into the underwater world, without doubt would seem genuine.

From what started off as a concern regarding critter manipulation in photographs being entered into competitions, the topic soon changed course and then went into the ethics of touching, herding, feeding, using flash lights and more in general and not specifically for competition entries.

My personal opinion is that if the critters are touched, moved by experienced guides and then returned to their exact original habitat after a few photographs then I don't think too much, if any harm will be done to the critters. I often use the analogy of taking a child to a rock pool with a net and catching crabs and shrimps. I'm sure more harm will be done to critters by the use of a net than by being moved by an experienced guide underwater. I know myself that had my father not taken me to rock pools in the West Country when I was a child then my passion for the ocean might never have started.

What I am concerned about, is what the manipulation debate was born out of. It was regarding competition entries so I would like the topic to head back there and stay there. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the subject and nobody needs to be dragged across hot coals for having a different opinion than someone else. So please keep the discussion civil.

For some reason judges are allowing what appear to be critter manipulated entries into competitions. Do you think that they are doing their job as a judge properly by allowing such images to be entered?

A few people that have judged in competitions have come forward to argue that if they have no evidence that manipulation has happened then they can't disqualify the entry.

Shark feed dives are also being discussed and again there are good points raised by both sides of the argument. Please don't bring this subject up as this will move away from the purpose of the post. Please just discuss critter re positioning for entries into competitions and whether you think that they should be allowed.