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In Topic: Ocean Safari (aka sardine run) 2011 Official thread

27 June 2011 - 01:11 AM


It was a slow day so I thought I'd do an update.

All gone quiet after the big storm. Seas still pretty big now. Hopefully conditions get better in the next few days.

Bad news for the group on the Snow Petrel. Apparently they found the plastic gyre of the Indian Ocean and are back in the harbor for repairs. I do feel sorry for those on the boat but at least there's no action that they missed.

In 1.5 weeks there'll be over 16 boats in a small area. Gonna be pretty tight suqeeze if action is sparse! Hopefully it becomes like 2005, where there's like. 14 km of activity so no one has to intrude on other's action.

Oh and 2 sailfish in baitball... All very small school of less than 100 fish!

Hi Drew,

Plastic gyre is about right!! It is very sad to see the effects we have on the ocean when every plastic piece of crap in creation is washed down the rivers. We took the groups up to Umkomaas where we had a great time with the raggies, dolphins and of course the blacktips. We even saw a couple of baitbals right at the river mouth, but as the viz was murky and there is the odd Zambi hanging around there we contented ourselves with some shots of the gannets and the sards being chased.

Good news is that all should be a go for the last three trips and maybe this mad weather will have a chance to settle down.

Good luck and good hunting.


In Topic: Sardine Run 2011

21 July 2010 - 04:04 AM

Hi All,

Due to the overwhelming response to the Live Aboard for the Sardine Run we have managed to secure an additional week on the Fabulous Ocean Adventurer for the Last week of July.

Maximum number of divers is 8 and there will be two highly experienced guides/safety divers in the water with the group at all times. Please contact me at Ivan for more information.

Hope to see some of the Wetpixel crew out here in South Africa in 2011.