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In Topic: Mugged by a Giant Octopus

23 February 2014 - 03:14 PM

Wow - I have always wanted to dive with these beauties, the octopuses in the Med and Asia are such - well.... pussies. Great shots and experience. Definitely on my list ....

In Topic: Rays on ex HMAS Brisbane, Sunshine Coast Queensland

23 February 2014 - 03:10 PM

Actually as you may know the RX100 has a WB function that is a bit clunky, but it seems to work OK now I understand it better. So the answer is that as I didn't have a white slate on me for this casual dive I used a saved 'custom' WB setting that was taken some time ago on a white slate in a completely different environment (clear blue water in Indonesia - lol). The custom WB screen tells me it is 9900K but actually it looks a lot hotter than that as the C.Temp./Filter option on the RX100 when set to 9900k looks less red. It may be that 9900K is the max reading the RX100 registers. What took me a while to find is that there is a little square color chart that you can open up by pressing 'down' on the option ring in any of the WB choices, and then one can tweak RGBM etc.


If you don't have an RX100 then all the above will make no sense at all! So basically I used an old slate setting as really I didn't have anything else. I'm sure it didn't make much difference anyhow as there are not a lot of rich colours in any of the shots.


Haha - sorry for the long winded answer :)

In Topic: Rays on ex HMAS Brisbane, Sunshine Coast Queensland

23 February 2014 - 02:20 PM

Ya it's always worth a dive, like so many wrecks you never know quite what you'll get. The Brisbane is not quite like diving Truk Lagoon but it's wonderfully preserved with plenty of swimthroughs and fish/macro life - also it's only 5 minutes off the coast where I live! :)