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In Topic: Ikelite Housing for Rebel T1i AND Rebel XSi

19 May 2009 - 12:39 AM

TTL circuitry that will work (with Ikelite DS strobes of course) on both the NEW Canon Rebel T1i and Rebel XSi camera.

I recently had a T1i in my hands for a day and think the HD capability is much simpler to initiate and use than the higher priced (although beautiful and more MP, etc.) Canon 5D MK II.

P.S. - If you already have an Ikelite Rebel XSi housing there is an upgrade program (at very modest cost) to get the extra video control and TTL circuitry upgrade so your housing will work with either camera.

Could you expand a bit on the TTL circuitry issue? I'm assuming that Ikelite has had to reverse-engineer the eTTL II protocol for the circuitry, but according to spec the 450D and 500D both use eTTL II? I probably wouldn't bother upgrading for the video control alone, or even accurate TTL as I expose manually 90% of the time, but camera lock-ups would be pretty inconvenient...

It seems some more testing is in order here. :P I already had the 450D housing in water with the 500D and the old video button is ergonomic enough for me, but didn't have time to test strobes.

In Topic: does new canon 500d/t1i fit in 450d/xsi housing?

12 May 2009 - 01:43 PM

good question!!!!! i cant wait to see your results Lauri!! please dont forget... which housing are you using for the test Lauri???

Perfect fit! I'm using the Ikelite XSi/450D housing. Reaching the rec button wasn't a big problem, even with dry gloves. BTW, the 18-55 IS kit lens seems to work fine with the .22 stalk of the 8" dome, Ike's site lists .16 for it. I haven't had time to check the video or pics on my computer though, got to sleep sometime...

In Topic: does new canon 500d/t1i fit in 450d/xsi housing?

11 May 2009 - 02:09 AM

hey guys. was at the store today and saw the new canon t1i i was comparing it side by side to the old xsi and they look to be identical in size and button placement. was wondering if anyone knows if xsi housings will fit the new t1i or if i will need to buy a new housing for it. thanks!

I'll let you know - I'll be taking mine to the pool tomorrow evening. Also, I've already got some ideas for making access to the rec-button easier. Got to experiment a bit first, though.