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In Topic: MacBook Pro - HDV Editing

27 January 2006 - 06:06 PM

Hi all. I was under the impression (from Apple's fine print) that the Pro apps like FinalCutPro HD and DVD Studio Pro (latest version does HD dual layer DVDs) can't yet run on intel machines... apparently waiting on a patch for Rosetta. So it doesn't surprise me to read that it was iMovieHD that was running on the MacBook Pro and Final Cut Pro HD on the desktop.

I've had a PowerBook G4 for ages now (a titanium model!) and have just made the switch to a dual core G5 which I could customise to suit. It's blazingly fast and renders HD video and effects in real time. Fantastic. And IMHO, I'd never be amongst the first buyers of any new technology from either Microsoft or (sadly) Apple. Too often they're letting the first batch of users discover the issues to satisfy fast release dates. Also - I reckon Apple still needs to differentiate the Intel machines from their existing stock of G5 machines, so it might be a little while before the intel machines really compete with the dual G5.

It is a drag though, moving to a desk top from a laptop. So what I've reconciled myself to... is doing the hard core processing on the desktop, but converting any files that I want to work on away from home to smallish quicktime movies. At least I can do simple sequencing that way, work on scripts, music etc. Not ideal, but it works.

In Topic: More WB problems for the HC1

06 January 2006 - 02:19 AM

Thanks Peter. I have an HC1 and am wading through a quagmire of options for housings. The Top Dawg you modified is really a Light and Motion Stingray right? Would it be possible for you to post a pic of the modifications you made to it? If I could modify a Light and Motion Bluefin HC1 to do manual white balance via touch screen then the choice might be made (phew!)...
Thanks, Jason.