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Choose my rig

31 July 2007 - 06:26 PM

Hi all,
Im looking to get my first u/w camera rig. Basically it will be taken with me on my spearfishing trips to capture a few pics here and there.. however i foresee it getting a lot of use in the end.
I dive primarily in the UK so slightly green low vis water is the norm, Im also a freediver so require something small and compact and quick to use (focus, set, shoot etc) obviously i dont have the bottom time for fiddling with settings etc that the scuba divers do. Most photos will be in 10-15m of water but some will be deeper 30m or so. Also not looking to spend a fortune but need a rig that will give nice results that can be blown up to wall size prints when i take something im proud of. Cost as ever is an issue so would like to keep it down, im not adverse to using second hand gear... ebay is my friend!
My original thouhts were an olympus SP350 and Olympus housing, due to the water conditions i'd want a strobe as well but have no clue on these, however with the 350 being discontinued think i should look elsewhere.
The Nikon coolpix P5000 is looking tempting, so now over to you guys make me some suggestions on camera, housing and strobe please.
As a side note think i'll have to avoid Ikelight housings just cant afford them and they look a lot bulkier than others, although their reputation is second to none.
Thanks in advance

Advice for freedivers first digi cam

04 October 2006 - 07:22 PM

I know this has been asked again and again, even by me but just wanted a current view on whats availiable.
Basically im a freediver/spearfisher looking for a digital camera and housing or even a dedicated u/w digi cam to take with me, my criteria are:
Cost.. must be cheap, by cheap im hoping under £500 for the full setup (guess thats around $1000)
Ease of use, most of my shots will be 'grabbed' as situations arise but a few will be more composed however freediving i wont have the time to play with settings constantly underwater and probably will only take one or two shots of a subject before heading back up.
Size.. this is pretty important as i want minimal weight and bulk which will cause drag
Quality.. obviously i want as much quality as i can get both in picture quality and quality of the gear
Prints.. most prints would be 6x4 or 8x10 but there are one or two situations a year that i would love to have blown up BIG like the basking shark i dived with this year (and got some cracking photos of with a cheapo disposable u/w film camera)
Tweakability.. want as much option to correct my shooting errors on the pc as possible!
Anyway suggestions welcome bring them on...!