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In Topic: For Sale: Nauticam NA5DMKIII and lots of extras (may separate)

06 February 2015 - 09:33 AM

Zen Dome sold
20mm ext sold
Viewfinder sold
Housing & other bits still available

In Topic: For Sale: Nauticam NA5DMKIII and lots of extras (may separate)

01 February 2015 - 12:17 PM

Hi there,


Yes, I may be interested in that. Might leave it a few days to see if I get any takers for the whole package, but if you're still interested after that, I will check how much the postage costs.





In Topic: Deep South Red Sea Photo Workshop

10 July 2014 - 10:43 AM

Hi I don't have a clear photo of the setup, but I mounted the battery to my cylinder and the lighthead to a normal 1" ball arm system. Worked well in the water but can be a bit awkward getting in & out of boats. Workable though.

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In Topic: Post Processing RAW footage from 5D iii ML in Mac

02 May 2014 - 12:49 AM

Hi Fergus, I am using 5D3/ML setup too, do you touch the clarity/shadow/highlight/exposure sliders when you grade with LR? I have tried imported the dngs into AE (ACR) and LR and there are flickering if I touch those sliders.


    For easier shots I just import the dngs into AE, grade them and render to quicktime mov with DNxHD. For trickier shots I have to treat them like time-lapse, import into LR and grade them, smooth out the flickering with Bridge and export as PSD sequence for further editing.

Hi kkfok,


Sorry for the delay. Yes, I do use the sliders in Lightroom and I did have the flickering problem initially- I looked into it & apparently it's related to the LR process used, so if you change the process to 2010 (in the develop tab- down near the bottom- Camera Calibration> Process). I think the newer processes much introduce some very minor 'auto exposure' type thing which introduces the flicker. Anyway, try it- I'd be interested to see if it works for you.


- Richard- not sure if I understand you correctly, but if you mean processing in Lightroom, then exporting as jpeg frames or whatever and importing to FCP it should work just fine (but see above about flickering). In lightroom I just grade one frame, copy the develop settings and paste to all other frames.  I don't have FCP here in front of me, but on my PC NLE (Vegas) I can just import a series of high quality jpegs- I then sometimes also do some more minor grading if necessary.



In Topic: Post Processing RAW footage from 5D iii ML in Mac

22 April 2014 - 01:59 AM

Hi Richard,


I've used this setup for a few projects now. My workflow is to convert the .RAW files to .DNGs with Rawanizer, then import the dngs into lightroom, do a grade then export as a stream of jpegs. I then import the jpegs into my NLE, which is Sony Vegas. This is partly because I have come from a mainly stills background, so I'm very familiar with lightroom. 

The flow will be slightly different on a mac, but I think the raw converters are pretty similar whichever platform you use, so you could do something similar on a mac. Or instead,  a lot of people then import the dngs into Davinci Resolve Lite which is free to down, to do a rough grade then export to the video format of your choice- maybe a high quality prores and import into FCP. I did toy with Resolve, but found it difficult to achieve a satisfactory white balance. I'm sure you can but I'm just not used to it. I guess if you export the clips as high quality Prores, you could probably do the grading in FCP or Color. 

In any case, I find the results very nice, once you're used to the extra steps in the workflow. Not sure I'd want to shoot an entire longer format project in this format unless I had lots of time/extra help, though!