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In Topic: Z10000 Panasonic 3D in BS Kinetic housing, are filters of any use?

24 March 2013 - 06:23 AM

Hi Jules! 


The Z10000 is one of my favorite camcorders!  I have not yet taken it underwater--don't yet have a housing for it--but have shot a number of topside events with it and love the image and control for a small affordable 3D camcorder.  And for a small sensor camera, the Z10000's low light capability really surprised me.  Not nearly the noise in low light settings of some of the 1/3 inch sensor HD cams I've used in the past. 


Does the BS Kinetics housing allow you to access the manual settings, or access the assignable user buttons?  Or do you have to shoot through this housing in iA mode?


If you have access to the manual controls through the housing you can manually set white balance, and even finely adjust the Ach and Bch WB presets in the CAMERA SETUP Menu or try the P5.6k WB preset.  Then you can fine-tune the color grading in post.


Whatever the case, I'm finding that underwater 3D video works best when the images are clear, sharp, and with very low noise.  So, I try to pick shots and dive locations accordingly, and tend to stay pretty shallow for best ambient light.

Please let us know how your Z10000 underwater shooting goes, how the cam handles lower light at deeper depths, and what you find works best for color correcting with the BS Kinetics housing. 


Also, what 3D editing software are you using for this cam's MVC footage?


Very exciting!


- Mary Lynn