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10 January 2017 - 07:00 AM

Hi all,


The Gates Z100 housing is indeed sold out, and we have no plans to make more at this time.  That said, if someone insists on the Z100 as an acquisition platform, we can discuss options to make one as a special run.  


And FWIW, those of you shooting on a proper video system like the Z100 appreciate and understand the benefits:  Long battery life,  recording bitrate / color space, instant auto-focus, versatile zoom range (especially when paired with a proper zoom-through port), external monitoring, and more.  But many people have moved to DSLR / Mirrorless systems.  Some have legitimate reasons e.g. shooting photos / video both topside and underwater.  Others have done so because it's popular.  Still others simply migrated to photos because it's easier.  Video acquisition, editing and storytelling is hard by comparison to the instant gratification of photography.  So kudos to all of you that take on the task of filmmaking.