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In Topic: AJA CION looks interesting

15 April 2014 - 07:34 PM

AJA CION is probably chasing the Arri Amira segment of the market. If the footage is anything like the Amira then they may make a big splash with a first camera. The advantage is that this baby could pump out 4K.  These are big mama ENG type cameras so for docu and TV work they are ideally suited.  I am not entirely sure this would appeal to UW shooters as there are more options out there and smaller form factor. Cheaper too. 


Having customised a housing for the Arri Alexa and the Phantom flex 4K the bulk and weight for transporting will be real put off.


The Pany GH4 and Shogun recorder is definitely looking quite good for UW. The other is KineMini 4K. This and next year will be a great tinkering time for me. 


This is just my opinion. There are definitely other choices.



In Topic: Kinefinity and Beyond

15 April 2014 - 07:09 PM

Here is an interview with Kinefinity guy Jihua Zheng. Courtesy of DigitalNewsshooters


In Topic: Kinefinity and Beyond

15 April 2014 - 07:02 PM

Time to take a look on what Kinefinity is up to at NAB 2014. What I find fascinating is that this little Chinese Digital Cinema Camera company has almost been completely ignored by the reporters in NAB except for a few well informed groups. There were huge fanfare on the Black Magic production camera the URSLA and the Studio camera even though no definite ready date. Then there is the CION from AJA. Panasonic, Sony, JVC etc. Oh still no Canon to show off some new camera tech.

 I think this company has great potential and they really need to spend some budget on marketing their products. From what I could gather after NAB 2014 KineMini 4K and KineMax 6K are almost ready. Some sample footage is really nice. These cameras are made simple and no fuss. Just that some of the specs are impressive for the price level.


Start with KineMini 4K:

Super 35 CMOS

Records 4K compressed or uncompressed 4:4:4  12bit

Choice of mounts EF or Kinemount (Nikon, PL etc)

High speed 100fps at 1080pHD.

SDI Output/ HDMI x 2

Compact and well built

Price from USD 3200.00



Attached File  KineMini4K.jpg   94.9KB   3 downloads




KineMax 6K:

Super 35 CMOS sensor

records 6k in uncompressed or compressed Cinema DNG

100fps in 4k  (wow)

M4/3 crop allows for 4k shooting while 3k is possible from the super 16 crop

SDI Output/ HDMI x 2

Compact and well built

Price from USD 6000.00



Attached File  KineMax6K.jpg   116.08KB   3 downloads

Attached File  KineMax6Kimage.jpg   125.43KB   3 downloads


Looking at the pace this company is going and improvement made these are likely to surpass some other similar companies that are more established. China is a huge market for them. I would love to see more footage and maybe some UW footage. I am currently in touch with this company. Maybe it will turn out good. Who knows. What this space.

In Topic: Red Sea with Amphibico Genesis FS700

15 April 2014 - 01:54 AM

Yes I agree with Drew the ring pattern is there but very subtle shadows. Colour grading out the Magenta water will be a pain. Pink jellyfish!

Nice video BTW and like the flow of the story. The Macros are excellent. Makes a big difference when lit with lights.




In Topic: Sony A7S for 4K - what a disappointment

11 April 2014 - 02:00 PM

jello cam :)  looks a bad as the DSLRs….but for UW this may not be such a serious as on land.



I don't know if it was just me. The background silhouettes (in blue) looks like the same specular highlight issue with LED lights as with Sony FS100. May be it is just the  odd blue lighting.