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#348918 GH4 footage and rig pic

Posted by CheungyDiver on 10 June 2014 - 06:56 PM

There is a Broadcast Asia Show next week in Singapore. I shall take a good look at the Atomos Shogun recorder/monitor for myself. This would make a nice combo with the GH4. It would be even better if these two devices could be combined in some ways to make the housing more like a conventional video camera housing IMHO.

#347153 Magic Lantern V1.2.3

Posted by CheungyDiver on 01 May 2014 - 10:54 PM

You're the man EunJae!!


I use the Lexar card. 64GB. The bus speed from buffer to card limits the write speed and 1000x seems to be the limit for Canon anything camera. Good to know 128GB chip finally could do do what 64GB cards could do. Turn off all non essential functions.....Yeah ML Raw is great on the 5D MIII....


I awaits in awe for your next post of your UW video....





#347138 Dream Camera :- Walley POS-86

Posted by CheungyDiver on 01 May 2014 - 05:10 PM

I must confess I have found my dream camera....it is what I always wanted and more.......




#346695 Orcalight Seawolf-22000 lumens in the Maldives

Posted by CheungyDiver on 24 April 2014 - 05:55 AM

ah I see. I must be blind


Thanks Stuart


Great to see that. I shall have my canister lids updated. 





#343159 CheungyDiver Broke His Leg

Posted by CheungyDiver on 10 February 2014 - 06:33 PM

Love this forum. Thanks for the well wishes. I am fine and the doctor stabilised my leg bone with rods and clamps. Amazingly compact gadget. Gives me a few ideas. I will be bed bound for a week before they could operate. Well motorised skateboard is fun but bloody dangerous. What was I thinking. My other work as a transport architect got me interested in personal electric vehicles. The last mile solution for public transport between subway stations or bus interchanges. Skateboard motorised is not the best solution. Foldable motorised bicycles may be better. Thanks all again. David

#342970 Palau: Mating Humphead Parrotfish Aggregation Video

Posted by CheungyDiver on 06 February 2014 - 02:58 PM

Well here is one of many clips of the spawning. Shot six in the morning so the video is a bit grainy. Shot using a 5D MIII with ML. 16-35 II f2.8L and Nauticam housing with a CheungyPro one dome. Sorry no music.  Best watch in HD.      





music added- curtesy of Vimeo!

#342585 Are we ready for 4k?

Posted by CheungyDiver on 29 January 2014 - 06:43 PM

Yep. Beeb is investing heavily on 4K mastering of nat. history content. Quite a few of the production houses is using Epic and Sony F55 (although the codex is still iffy). Since 2011 all the commercial shoots for UW I was involved in has been shot in 4K plus. Some uses Alexa topside (for 2k raw) but for UW its 4K and it is mostly Epic . Even some 3D TV movies for CCTV (China) and HK based productions are shot using 4K + cameras. The general public may not notice much as content shown on TV, network and Internet is mostly HD and even SD but the under current is definitely there for higher fidelity. Most are badly compressed.  People have  choices. Some are happy with SD or HD and will stay with that. Blissfully care less about anything new. Good for them. I don't agree with up-resing HD content to UHD. Its crap . Better to have the footage shot at 4K natively or higher. Like I said before the 4K resolution is here to stay. That does not mean HD or SD is going completely fade away overnight. 

#341001 Blackmagic 4k Production Camera resurfaces from Limbo

Posted by CheungyDiver on 22 December 2013 - 04:51 PM

There is already a UW housing waiting for this latest Black Magic offering. Philip Bloom also had a go with the 4k footage colour correction. Not entirely convinced what this camera could really do. At the moment I am really enjoying the BMPCC and my new housing. Had to do some DIY with a battery pack. Now I think a full sixty min. Dive is possible with the camera on the whole time. The housing is nice and small. Footage from this little pocket rocket is really nice. I can't wait for the meta bone lens booster. Off to Palau in the next day. This new BM 4 K might take a while from their past record on delivery. I think it's the first in the industry I could get a housing before I could even get the camera..LOL

#338795 GoPro 2 fogging remedy?

Posted by CheungyDiver on 29 October 2013 - 08:08 PM

Hmmm bit late to the party. Gopro housing has a small volume so any splashes when you open the box after rinsing  will quickly heat up next time you use the box. Capillary action will wick some moisture to the inside of the seal. Tiny amount.  My solution....wait for it....toilet paper. Good old loo roll works. Single ply or use the luxurious double ply for extra softness and absorbency.  All you need is a single sheet and fold it so it cover the bottom (yes its a pun) of the box (more pun?) The tissue need to be dry obviously and will surprisingly absorb the humid air when the Gopro heats up. Change the sheet each time you open. The best thing is the tissue is ubiquitous and you could wipe of splashes when you open the box. Simple and useful.  


As for why noise appears and inconsistency I think Peter explain most of it. Lack of control and also we are dealing with a tiny sensor. Now the new version is even smaller. Sensor heats up and lack of space for processing and cooling all contribute to the problem. Go Pro is a POV camera so I would not expect it to be a main videocamera for important footage. Always do tests and in doubt use a videocam that offer better features.



#337067 magic lantern 5D 2K DNG RAW

Posted by CheungyDiver on 16 September 2013 - 01:44 AM

Agreed. Bigger CF card say 256GB with sustained speed of 120 mb/s and I am happy camper. For the 5DMIII at least. I think more importantly  that a stable firmware version ( Beta?) of the ML could be developed with all the wrinkles such as skip frames ironed out then the firmware could ready for the mainstream. Editing software is already catching up with direct edit of various raw files. I am having a blast in any case with this ML firmware even now at alpha stage. 

#336821 How do you (un)screw short Ikelite dome port?

Posted by CheungyDiver on 08 September 2013 - 08:32 PM

Grip cloth. Stuff you use to put on table to prevent stuff from sliding. Cheap and available in any supermarkets. You could wrap this stuff over the rim and then strap wrench over that. It will help when everything is gripped tight for big heave.

#335862 Fully corrective port and wet lenses - Underwater Photogrammetry and camera c...

Posted by CheungyDiver on 15 August 2013 - 05:22 PM

Hi Pedro77


You could try Nikonos lenses. They could be way off the mark from what you need. There are literally tons of Nikonos lenses at giveaway prices. Try a few of them and see. From my own experience these lenses are made for water contact and most will not focus topside but UW they are tack sharp and distortion free. The higher end Nikonos RS lenses are even more sophisticated. I have re-chipped a few of them and have added aperture rings and they are probably the best UW corrected lenses there is. They are again designed by Nikon just for underwater photography. I have done some experiments myself. Even made a port that could make the Nikon 14-24mm working without too much corner distortion.  Let me know what camera and focal length I may be interested in studying this further.




#334559 Yet another 3D Red Epic Housing

Posted by CheungyDiver on 18 July 2013 - 06:05 PM

Okay. Gotcha. The whales are pretty big even for the humpback calf.  Although the calf could get really close. I think you guys going to get some stunning footage. 


Brilliant idea to hook up two Deep X and an external mirror beamsplitter rig. I wonder which forum inspired Pawel with that idea ;)?  He will need some seriously good rig to stop all the movement. Salt water resistant stages. I can't wait to see that set up. 






#333121 Anyone tried the AOI RGBlue video light?

Posted by CheungyDiver on 20 June 2013 - 07:06 AM

Its a big pond. The reason for warmer colour temperature and not to be confused with CRI or colour fidelity is perception. Warmer color temp helps me to perceives the subject and foreground in a way like using sunlight at really shadow depth- plus balancing a sunlit scene is easier. It is highly subjective. Not that noticeable and usually only when really powerful lights fill the shadows. Hence the saying the you can never bring enough lighting.    Shooting video raw these days makes balancing percieved colour easier. In fact it does not really matter as raw records much more information then AVCHD and even 422. As long as the exposure is correct and no clipping of the highlights and the shadows. In another post I discussed about HDR and ETTR. ETTR is something I am experimenting for video. I really like the way it helps to get the most details in the highlights in digital stills. It is another technique and I will not discuss it here.   Back to lights. Personally what I look for in lights especially LED is colour fidelity. Not all LED is made and give out the same color spectrum. In fact in the same production LED batch the colour rendering can vary. So absolutely matching LEDs is really just the 10% yield in a manufactured batch. CRI in the 90s is even more difficult to manufacture and strict electronic ballast is needed. One of the reason why RG Blue do not provide longer burn time is the power draw. The analogy is like a comparing a match with a gas hub. You get more heat from a gas hub. So more power is needed to get all the colour and a good balanced spectrum. Cooler colour light does not draw as much power but there is always sacrifice. Not saying the Fix neo or other LED lights are in that category but the CRI for lots of lights are in the 70s. Bigger battery will help longer burn time. One of the reason why Keldan Luna 4 is big and the Luna 8 bigger still. I think RG Blue may be looking into larger capacity battery.   BTW putting a colour filter does not provide more CRI. If the LED has missing lines in the spectrum then even recording in raw the colour is interpolated in post production. For Internet okay for TV network okay. Not cinema stuff. I am over simplifying this of course. There is also colour absorption downwards and sideways. I'll leave that in another post.   cheers

#332080 Add on to the Airlock Vacuum thread

Posted by CheungyDiver on 29 May 2013 - 02:35 PM

hi Andy


Yup and its the same valve used by myself and others for more than a decade. Repackaged, recycled and a dollop of marketing plus blinking lights and suddenly a must have. I have my hand pump with vacuum gauge also used for almost a decade. Still working.