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BlackMagic at NAB 2014

07 April 2014 - 02:32 PM

Well just when you thought things couldn't get anymore interesting with the Sony FF 4K  A7s,  Pany GH4 and the AJA 4k cinema camera …...


BM drops two more into the mix. Enter the BM Studio http://www.blackmagi...gicstudiocamera

comes with built in 10 touch screen monitor. USD 3K. interesting. 4 hours internal battery!












and the BM URSA which has interchangeable mount (PL. EF etc} and future upgradeable of the sensor!  http://www.blackmagi.../blackmagicursa

and at USD 6K

 Oh you can also use your fav. DSLR and plug it to the URSA!




Judging from  past experience with BM I would wait and see. Likely to be a busy year for housing manufacturers.  


This year at NAB is becoming more like a 4K cinema camera fest. Oh and a Scarlet Dragon? 

Magic Lantern V1.2.3

17 March 2014 - 01:46 PM





Alex of magic lantern has just finished a new version of the ML for 5DMiii and no boot flag or card issues….see link for more details.


Now installing the firmware is easy as 1.2.3.


He still has to iron out some bugs so its really still experimental. suggest use the older 113 version for stable raw video……..

Epic Dragon DXO score

03 March 2014 - 06:28 PM

Holy smoke The Epic Dragon just scored DXOmark test score of 101. Higher than nikon d800E. That means for the first time a digital cinema camera is as good as one for digital stills. Sorry Adam I know how much you like your D800. LOL. :)




Here is a link for those who are nerdy like me.



excerp: " The highly configurable RED Epic Dragon is the latest version of the firm’s original Epic-M Digital Still and Motion Camera (DSMC). Although we are more used to analyzing still cameras at DxOMark, we’ve had a unique opportunity to assess RAW output from a prototype using all of our usual industry standard tests. As the results were extraordinary, we thought we would share the findings. Read on to find out how this high-performance sensor performs.

Overall score: Epic Dragon takes first place (101 points)

Dynamic range and color depth: First place in both categories (14.8Ev, 26.5 Bits)

Low Light ISO: 10th place (ISO 2745)

Nikon D800 vs Red Epic Dragon




In Depth Analysis


Go Pro 3 or 3+ Mod

25 January 2014 - 10:45 PM

Just want to share with the Forum a very interesting mod I did with a Go Pro 3 (or 3+).


Ever wonder what if millions of those Go-Pro out there could change their lenses? No more fixed aperture, curve or fisheye  looking images. 


I know there is a mod by Novo Camera a year ago but that system costs far too high and only few were made. Plus they only rent it out. Also for a cheap POV camera one would wonder why mod it in the first place and why spend crazy amount of money to do it. Well in the spirit of enterprise and human ingenuity there is always a way to do so cost effectively.    


There is this start-up company called Back Bone (http://www.back-bone.ca/) and they make this kit that could completely transform your Go Pro 3 into an interchangeable lens camera using the M12, CS mount or C-mount system. They come in fully assembled camera based on Go Pro 3+(including the Go pro) or self-assemble kit. Being a glutton  for punishment I opt for the kit. Actually I was on my way in becoming their dealer so I thought better try one out. My experience in this particular DIY  is like walking on a cliff edge with a gammy leg and blind folded. 


Here is a link to their installation video. Watch it and you know its not for the faith hearted to go D I Y.




I will post some of my picture in the next post




Free diving doggy style

03 November 2013 - 08:38 PM

Do not do this with your pet doggy......



Just came across this video. Shot with Red Scarlet and a custom housing....something different.









Also this on how it was made....fascinating process.