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In Topic: Basking Sharks Scotland Extra Dates '12

24 July 2012 - 02:01 AM

I've done this trip with writepic (Mark) for the last two years and love it.

It is a wildlife photography trip (that happens to be underwater), rather than a dive trip. So you have to get out of the 3 dives a day mentality and you have to be prepared that some days the conditions might be against you, while others it will be shark soup and you'll be shooting all day. In fact there can be so many sharks around that they are jumping out of the water to find some space!

It is an amazing location, with fantastic people and great wildlife of all sorts. Go for the experience and treat the sharks as the icing on the cake.


Thanks for the thumbs up alex!! Dates now changed 12th to 18th Aug for this extra week. Boat days Mon to Fri.

In Topic: Basking Sharks Scotland Extra Dates '12

21 July 2012 - 06:16 AM

Do you do these every year as I may be interested in 2013

yes. taking bookings for 2013. :)