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In Topic: US custom charges to UK?

18 May 2014 - 11:03 PM

That's just another great reason to buy Nauticam. 


Blatant profiteering in the UK on underwater photography is rife. I am currently looking at a Sea&Sea 45 Viewfinder:


Overseas Price: US$ 650

UK Price: GBP 830


Its difficult to see how this UK price could have been arrived at and as a consumer it is difficult to not look overseas. 

In Topic: US custom charges to UK?

18 May 2014 - 04:20 AM

With the US$ at almost 1.7 it generally pays to take a gamble. Many items are priced pound for dollar in the UK. 


I recently bought some items (including a housing) overseas for USD3000 and total customs charges were only £120. My saving over UK pricing was around 50%.


The customs charges are not consistently applied so in my experience it is well worth rolling the dice as even with full possible charges its likely to be a significant saving and could be better than that if you are lucky.


Of course it goes without saying that supporting UK businesses is a good thing to do and they can provide a much better level of service and support than anyone overseas.