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Bonica Strobe - recommendations?

18 February 2006 - 09:37 AM


I'm looking for a cheapo strobe after falling on 2 epoques ds150 which stopped working after 15 dives (no flood guaranteed :) ).

The Bonica seems fabulous - the neon head goes for 100 USD at B&H. Does anybody know if the screw is the same size as the epoque's ? That way I can re-use my existing tray and arm.

The Bonica XP seems to bring something like TTL - how on earth does that work with no communication between the strobe and the camera? At best I can understand that the strobes reads the distance - but that simply means that each time I change aperture I have a problem... Seems like a headache producer more than a feature :lol:
Any experience on that?

Otherwise I'm open to any other cheap recommendation. BTW - I use a Canon S50 underwater which I highly recommend!

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Epoque DS150 will not fire

16 February 2006 - 01:03 AM


I own the Epoque DS150 strobe. After about 10 dives it stopped firing - it still was charging correctly, but simply was not firing when my digicam's strobe fired. At first it only fired at the very lowest setting (GN3), but then not at all.

I had it changed for another DS150.

That one worked fine for another 5 dives and then the same problem happened again - but this time worse, at it simply does not fire at all, even at GN3.

I don't believe it has ever flooded - the battery compartment looks super dry.

I can't change it again - do you know of anywhere in Europe where I could service the strobe? Otherwise any recommendation for a cheap - and RELIABLE strobe?