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Undwater color filter kit?

12 March 2006 - 06:40 PM

I'm new to this and I have a few questions. Like most people, I've had amazing underwater experiences coupled with a cheap disposible camera that have led to disappointing photographic memories.

My wife recently purchased a Sony W7 7.1MP camera to replace my partially broken Sony 3.2MP camera. On a recent vacation to the Caribbean I found myself dissappointed when I was near the water and had to leave my nice W7 behind.

When I got home, I purchased the Sony MPK-WA underwater kit.

1) I think I need some sort of color filter so my pictures aren't all blue/green.

2) Sony sells the VF-MP5K... but I'm not really sure if this filter kit works with the MPK-WA.

Does anyone know for sure?