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Help, camcorder decided to stop recognize any new hard drives!

04 September 2013 - 11:08 AM

I have a Sony CX550 which allows for a direct copy from the camera's internal hard drive to a portable hard drive, typically all my video is backed up in this manner.

Lately the camcorder has stopped recognizing new hard drives, it will give the dreaded "usb device not recognized" warning leaving the only option to end and disconnect the USB.

I have tried wiping and reformating the new portable drives to FAT32 though my desk top computer with the same results.

Normally with a new portable hard drive the camcorder would ask the first time to reformat the data base before copying and once done automatically start executing a direct copy.

Now though, it refuses to recognize the hard drive to even do that.

At first I thought the new hard drive was just defective so exchanged it, then tried another brand, then even a smaller size (500 GB).

What is strange is any compatible hard drive (even of the same brand-model just purchased) that has anything previously loaded on it directs copies just fine.

I have two seemingly identical Seagate 1 TB hard drives but the new one will not be recognized!

After escalating through all levels of Sony phone support, we established it was not the USB or VMA adapter cable issue and if the camera still direct copies to an old hard drive, it is not the camera.

Also, there are no firmware updates, resetting the camera doesn't help, plugging-unplugging the usb, even copying a small bit of video to the new drive thru the desk top (to trick the camcorder into recognizing the drive) have failed to get the new portable hard drives to be recognized (even when reformatted). 

I have a number of portable hard drives from various trips that I could copy to a larger storage drive then wipe the portable to reuse it (so that at least the camcorder will recognize it) but that is obviously a poor workaround.

I know hard drives over 1 TB are not supposed to work for direct copy because of how they are partitioned but unless Seagate and Western Digital have changed something radically they are the same drives I am currently using.

I would very much welcome any ideas to try and get the camcorder to recognize the new drives.



Zen 100 port for Tokina ATX 10-17 causing soft images

29 January 2013 - 03:34 PM

We have a Nauticam D7000 housing and while shooting mostly macro we discovered the Zen 100 port caused all WA images to be slightly soft and lacking sharpness. It works with the Nauticam #20 extension ring but has vignetting on full wide but at least no focus issues. We have checked the lens which has a build in "port" designed to verify it is correct model and the Tokina lens works fine out of water-correctly but in combination the same issue. We had thought it was just us till Burt Jones was nice enough to trouble shoot this on our last trip.
Has anyone had similar issues or possible fix?