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In Topic: Monitor calibration VS Macbook Pro scren

22 May 2012 - 08:51 AM

You should be able to turn off the your MacBook Pro's dynamic screen brightness. (sysPrefs/Displays)

Most monitor calibrators will calibrate screen brightness when set to advanced mode.
(note: high screen brightness will amp the colors way up. But, the colors get pretty whacked.)

If you're serious about color, consider using an non-Apple external monitor connected via DisplayPort (I've used the Dell 2408wfp, U2410, and currently U3011). In advanced mode, you can calibrate RGB and contrast before the color calibration occurs. That makes the monitor's color profile as good as you can get it.

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In Topic: Aquatica 5D MarkII O ring is hard to remove

20 May 2012 - 06:24 PM

A guitar pick works really well. (they come in many thicknesses.)

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In Topic: iMac Ram

29 February 2012 - 10:04 AM

Other world computing has good memory.

In Topic: Pictures from Catalina

28 February 2012 - 01:25 AM

-probably shot with one strobe w/a diffuser
-no backscatter (good job in temperate water)

my opinions:
good: 5 (lighting, composition) and 2 (lighting, composition, good negative space: not sea barf; cropped too tight: more space in from of fish, back edge of gill cover cropped)
neutral: 4(good detail, lighting, & negative space; form of nudi eggs: hunt for better spirals; cropped too tight)
things to work on: 3(good detail on navanax face/head, kind of a C-curve; very distracting negative space: too much sea barf), 1(distracting foreground, no space in front of fish), 6(pogo stick shot* on so-so negative space)

*pogo stick shot = camera pointed straight down on subject (I like to shoot tube anemones out on the sand flats and get the tentacles flowing in the current/surge)

get low, get close, get closer, shoot up (this separates your subject from the sea barf background)
eye level or slightly below your subject (make it a conversation)
search for good background first; then look for subjects on that background
crop in the viewfinder, not in the computer (I'm kind of old school. I prefer the 35mm aspect ratio instead of freeform cropping.)

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In Topic: Apple Thunderbolt Display for photo editing?

19 February 2012 - 01:30 PM

Curious if anyone has experience with the newer Thunderbolt display and/or a better display that they own?

I have the Dell U3011 connected via DisplayPort.
-better calibration
-larger color gamut (see attached profiles created with i1 Display2; the snow leopard version of the calibration sw allows much better tweaking of u3011 monitor)
-anti-glare (I wish Apple would get away from the glossy screen look. Yes, it makes very clean packaging and better color saturation; but, there's way too much reflection from the screen in most lighting conditions)

Apple Thunderbolt Display profile:
Attached File  J59_thunderbolt_display.png   421.67KB   328 downloads

Dell U3011 profile:
Attached File  Dell_u3011_Displayport.png   419.95KB   299 downloads

The Apple Thunderbolt display has a huge advantage _only if_ you have a 2011 MacBook Air and need FireWire, 1000BaseT Ethernet, and three more USB2 ports.