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Raja Ampat & Siladen 2013

30 October 2013 - 05:36 AM

This short film includes some of the highlights from a 11 day livaboard trip to Raja Ampat on the Dewi Nusantara followed by 6 days on Siladen Island in the Bunaken National Marine Park, both in stunning Indonesia.

From never ending coral encrusted walls to undersea mounts, from fringing reefs to volcanic sand plains the variety of marine life is probably unsurpassed anywhere else in the Pacific.

Video cameras                            Panasonic HDC 800 & Panasonic TZ30

Housings                                      SeaPro custom SP7 & Panasonic MCTZ30

Lens/Port                                     SeaPro Optolite (Ivanoff) port zero to infinity

Original film                                 1080p 50fps

Edit                                                Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate  





To watch in HD you need to click on HD and be switched directly to Vimeo.

Diving lessons on Grand Turk barrier reef.

19 March 2013 - 07:14 AM

To get a break from the wet , snowy, freezing U.K. early spring we booked a trip to Grand Turk in the hope of sun and some warm up diving in advance of a Raja Ampat trip later this year. 

Ten of the eleven days diving was a typical mix of Caribbean underwater life with a profusion of soft corals and a wide range of tropical Atlantic fish life.

However day three was to prove one of those "one off" experiences the memory will not forget, especially as I was able to record to video all four frantic minutes.

We had completed a long wall dive and were returning to our moored boat at some 15m over the sandy slope above the drop off. With an advance warning of multitudes of clicks two big Atlantic bottle nosed dolphins burst into our dive group and proceeded to give us a very personal series of lessons in advanced diving skills.

First show off your supreme agility and speed followed by a master course in getting a garden eel dinner then more showing off until tired of our pedestrian attempts at copying you depart as swiftly as you came.