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Zen minidome for Aquatica - advice required

11 July 2013 - 02:30 PM

I have an opportunity to buy a Zen DP100 minidome to fit my Aquatica housing. It's a great port in terms of its optics, and the price is very competitive, but I have one concern. The port is a snug fit, but the bayonet will not lock, as it was designed prior to the introduction of Aquatica's port locking mechanism. The manufacturer has sent a message via the vendor that the port should not work itself free... their exact words: "Since there is no leverage on this port the likelihood of of a problem is basically non-existant." So what should I make of this? To an extent I think Zen has a fair point. It's a very snug fit and it doesn't move around easily. But I'd be interested to hear from any other Aquatica owners who have tried this port.




Simon Rogerson



Nikon D200 and Aquatica A200 housing

12 February 2013 - 09:36 AM

For Sale: Nikon D200 and Aquatica A200 housing

Housing was kept as a back-up so seldom used and is in good condition. This Canadian rig is bomb-proof and has never flooded, or for that matter let in so much as a drop of water. Camera is in near-mint condition and comes with charger, two batteries and a 4mb memory card. Will sell the pair for £1,000 ono, plus P&P. Enquiries/offers to simon@scubamagazine.co.uk

The sell: This is a wonderful opportunity to start off a quality dSLR underwater system for less than a third of the original price. You'll need to invest in additional ports and strobes, but there's a good second hand market in Aquatica accessories if you don't want to buy new stuff. This camera was used to take images used in upper end magazines and newspapers, including double page spreads in the Sunday Times magazine and BBC Wildlife.