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#236470 Your Favourite Photo of 2009

Posted by Giles on 03 January 2010 - 10:17 AM

Always love this thread .. also love the way everyone is always so polite and waits for Alex to start it ;) It is his tradition after all.
Anyway .. not being in my normal home of Grand Cayman very much at the start of the year (due to certain immigration reasons) I missed out on the first half, then I bought my 5d mkii and have been scared of using the D60 for sake of me wanting to smash it to pieces (just no comparison once you have tasted the 5d)
So it turns out the only underwater photos I took this year were with my Olympus point and shoot at Stingray City.

This is my favourite from all of my trips out there purely because it was the best day ever (a week or two later we were snorkeling with a dolphin not too far from Stingray City too, but that photo isn't mine.

Posted Image
Stingray City - Giles Shaxted

oh and just for shits and giggles to show off that the dolphin is real (in Grand Cayman) here is the photo of him as it is a freakin special day when you get 45 minutes play time with a wild dolphin in Grand Cayman.

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