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In Topic: Aquatica D200

23 May 2006 - 09:58 PM

Hmm... that's a little weird. I got my Aquatica for my D200, and my housing is black, not grey...

Wonder why there is a difference in the housings...

In Topic: d200, Aquatica housing and inon flash review

22 May 2006 - 07:02 AM

I just spent two weeks diving in Cocos and Malpelo with this same set up. I love the Aquatica housing, but I'm struggling with the use of the Inon's...

I was shooting mostly hammerheads - and in Malpelo there were tons (00's) of them. I found myself shooting closer to the 24mm end of the 12-24, and most of the images came out very dark (even when the subject filled the viewfinder).

Shooting at f/4 and deep (below 80ft for almost every shot) w/overcast skies

When we got to Cocos it got better (could shoot at the 12mm end) but still darker images than expected. Had a friend shooting with YS-120's and the 10.5mm lens - got some amazing shots...

I leave for Indonesia this weekend - if you had good results w/these strobes then I'll give them another shot (w/more light and some smaller subjects)