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Help: Nexus port/diopter combo for 17-55?

18 April 2006 - 09:43 PM

I'd like to keep my Nexus D100 housing "useful" (while I move my main rig to a D200) so I'm thinking about trying my Nikon 17-55mm lens in the housing.

After reading all the postings on this combo (this lens in a Nexus housing) I'm confused. Does anyone have first hand experience in the best set up for this lens in a Nexus housing? (it seems the Nexus USA site might not have the config. right...)

Please advise if you have expience...

D200 housings: any avail. now?

15 April 2006 - 11:24 PM

I leave for Malpelo & Cocos in about 2 weeks (and then the Maldives 3 weeks after I return)... First trip is a "me" trip, second trip is w/the family...

Wife almost gave me a heart attack when she suggested I look at upgrading my housing and camera (Nexus & D100) before the Cocos trip :lol: (something about "trip of a life time" & "and don't expect to ever go back - leaving me w/the kids for two weeks..."

So... any chance I could get a hold of a D200 and a housing in 2 weeks? Are they generally available yet? (if so, pointers to where would be appreciated...)

Also - has anyone shot the D200 w/the Nikon 12-24? I'm looking for a reasonably wide lens for shooting sharks at Cocos (other lens suggestions appreciated...)


- Matt