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Olympus new lenses 8 mm fisheye considerations weight and so on ...

01 June 2015 - 04:14 AM

I really don't understand why Olympus built such a heavy lense as the 8 mm fisheye suppose to weight 485 g !!!!


The Tokina 10-17 is 350 g only , the Nikon 10,5  305 g !! Without speaking of the 165 g of the Panasonic 8 mm !!!!!


What a strange world were we try to go as light as possible with the micro 43 and were the only thing that do Olympus is to innovate with probably the most heavy fisheye on the market all  groups included .


Normally we all agree to pay a very expensive price for the micro 43 lenses , assuming that this was for the miniaturization , but clearly this advantage is gone .....


Would you kindly notice also that the minimum distance of focus is exactly the same between the Pana and Oly 8mm , that the aperture at 1,8  is not of a major interest  underwater .


This lense will have to prove major optical benefices versus the Panasonic to be worth the need of spending 999  $ or € depending of  your geographical situation     :)




Living on/in a sea squirt

29 April 2015 - 02:33 AM



Here a 3 pictures of marine creatures which have made their home of sea squirts , also call Tunicates .

It has been taken with an OMD EM1   , 60 mm macro lense Olympus and various macro lenses .





This year in Anilao ( Luzon Philippines ) I was able to meet the Tunicate schrimp, thank to Dennis Corpus manager  from "Anilao Critter "







Unfortunately I have not found the scientific name of this schrimp ..


But Dennis show me also  the  lady bugg 






And also the Gobie taking care of is eggs on another sea quirts 







There is plenty to see inside and outside  the tunicates    :)