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Is hire an option?

23 April 2006 - 01:44 AM

Hi there,

I wonder if you can help. I need to do an underwater (swimming pool) shoot for a magazine. Never having shot underwater previously, I made enquiries to Calumet re: the rental of underwater housings (I have a Canon 5D). However, the issue of 'insurance liabilities' was suggested as the reason they do not offer such a service. Which seems a logical concern.

Having also tried Alan James in Bristol (marine-cameras.com) found via Google, who does not have a housing in yet for the 5D - I am trying yourselves as a last resort/underwater oracle.

I was recommended here from photo.net.

Thus: is there the option of renting such equipment (and if so, does anyone know where/who).
Or: what would be my alternatives? I guess hiring a whole kit? (On the topic of which- it is not macro work that I would need to be doing underwater, rather it is a shoot with models & garden furniture (of all things) - hence possibly the kit most suitable may differ from kits optimised for macro/dive work?)

Thank you in advance,