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In Topic: Canon Powershot G16 successor?

11 March 2016 - 09:28 PM

I was also using G10 as my second camera until this Jan, when the housing showed signs of possible leak. I decided to switch to G1x mark 2. The other cams I considered were Pana GH4 and Sony Rx100 III or IV. But the latter two require expensive Nauticam housings. With Canon, I can use the much cheaper Canon housing. The only down side I see is that the G1x II does not have 4K video. Haven't tried it under water yet, but happy with it so far as a carry along camera.

I was also looking at G7x, but decided to go with G1x II under the assumption that bigger is better (sensor).




In Topic: Any recommendations for Maldives Land based in Dec/Jan?

13 October 2015 - 06:29 AM

Thanks jander, Tim,

Vilamendhoo is looking interesting.. maybe no hammerheads, but mantas will keep us happy.



In Topic: Lembeh or Ambon

30 July 2015 - 06:35 PM

Been to both. Both are good for macro, but personally I'd think there is a lot more diversity in Lambeh. There is some reef diving in Ambon, but it's a bit of a boat ride away, if I recall; for reef/wall, I think I would just take a few days off from Lambeh and go to Bunaken/Bangka. Another thing I like about Lambeh is that eth resorts are _much_ nicer (better living, camera rooms, much better food)..




In Topic: Light and Motion SideKick for GoPro

23 May 2015 - 07:05 PM

Having acquired a GoPro Hero 4 recently, I am also looking at how to set it up. Right now I have a Sola800 and an AdventureX 1200 making somehting like 2000 lumen, and I am hoping this will work for nearby stuff, say, a trumpetfish at 1m. I fear it will be no use for sharks or schools of jacks etc. I am willing to try with filters (any advice which ones?) before plunging into massive video lights. Appreciate any advise.



In Topic: Sipadan is a protected* area

16 March 2015 - 11:27 PM

Yes, the marlin skeleton is still there -- on the ledge along the cavern (before entering the tomb). I think it was placed there by a DM. I suppose the cavern shelters it from any swells/currents, so it's not moved much, if at all.