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In Topic: The Derawan Islands

04 August 2014 - 10:06 AM

Sangalaki area is one of my favorites for the diversity of diving experiences. I stayed in Derawan a few years ago, and a pretty nice bonus there was waking up to find turtles grazing on leaves outside your water-bungalow window. On my secind trip to the area, we stayed at Maratua paradise, which I think is slightly better to live in. The house reef is splendid. The resident thresher shark didn't show up during our stay (this is why we chose Maratua), but we nevertheless enjoyed loads to time with grazing bumpheads, an occasional eagle ray floating past.

It's easy to make day trips to Sangalaki -- which has fantastic dives. Or, as Drew suggested, you can split your stay with some time in a resort on Sangalaki (Nabucco looks nice, I think we had lunch there on a day trip once).


By the way, I am not sure of the science on this, but maybe you can find out if more Manatas prefer to show up during some phase of the moon or another.. if your dates are flexible, it couldn't hurt to try and improve your chances.


Our trip reports and photos are linked from here:






In Topic: Best place to stay in Tulamben/Seraya area

22 June 2014 - 08:58 AM

.. Just want to add a brief note to Drew's comments on Seraya: I like the food in Seraya more than in Mimpi area (although my experience from Mimpi is from several years ago; we were in Seraya this Easter -- for the third time). Excellent dive shop also, very nice guys.

In Topic: Bali or Similan Islands?

22 March 2014 - 06:46 AM

If I was doing Bali for a week, I'd plan almost exactly what Mike said: 2 days in Menjangan, then move to Tulamben for the rest of the trip, with a day trip or perhaps two (depending on how rough is the channel crossing) to Nusa Penida. For me, Bali is a level higher in dive quality and visibility than Similans (with another day or two diving the popular Phuket sites).

Of course, if I had to fly that long a distance to dive, I'd give up a bit more in travel time, and then spend my time in Raja Ampat :-).


Or, if you're averse to flying too much, maybe Palau?